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Have you just discovered the next big star of the literary world? Just finished the latest "must read" novel and want to share your opinion? Maybe you'd like to steer people away from the hyped-up author of the moment and recommend something a little different? Then this is the place to share all your thoughts about books, authors and literature.

A good book can really capture our imaginations. It can transport us to another world and give us a taste of another life. It can stay with us throughout our lives, conjuring powerful emotions and opinions that can sometimes change our whole perspectives.

But what is genius to one reader can be nonsense to another and it's not always easy to find unbiased reviews or avoid the, perhaps undeserving, media attention a book or author might get.

We all know the best-seller list doesn't always reflect quality writing, and what's popular isn't necessarily good. So why not write a review of a book you think is really worth the read. Let other bookworms know what's really good and what's just enjoying its 15 minutes of fame.

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02nd March 2011

Love spell and literature

Love is common sight in most of the famous literary works. The theme of love is the most resurrected one in the history of literature. Its role, however, is important because love will always offer different twists to keep the reader bounded up since the ...

02nd March 2011

Benefits of International Edition of Textbook

Benefits attained from books by students from both schools as well as colleges can never be explained entirely. It is so huge and vast one cannot precisely perfect it. However certain benefits could be pointed at. International edition of textbooks are si...

01st March 2011

eBooks Are Powerful Tools You Can't Ignore

eBooks have been around for some time now. The simple reason is because eBooks are a powerful medium to distribute information and make money at the same time. Some people have earned six figure incomes just by selling eBooks online. It's a lucrative busi...

01st March 2011

3 Ideas In the direction of e-book Achievement -3 Tips eBook Success

Have you been additionally fantasizing regarding getting more lucrative inside your on the internet e-book business success? Nicely, it’s true which for individuals to purchase your item, you don’t just market the actual e-book nicely. Furthermore essenti...

28th February 2011

Samuel Learns To Yell And Tell - An Overview

Debi Pearl has published another revolutionary book in the Yell and Tell set, this one mainly for little girls. The first book was Samuel Learns to Yell and Tell, coping with the topic of forbidding sexual exploitation in young boys. Sara Sue is especiall...

28th February 2011

Things to Know Before Getting College Books

Knowledge is something we keep learning throughout our lives until death. We mature over age and I believe the most critical point arises once you are done schooling. Yes a person really shapes up big time in terms of maturity when he starts attending col...

26th February 2011

Things You Should Consider How To Buy Cheap Ebooks online and Where To Buy Cheap eBooks?

Buy Ebooks Online: Things You Should Consider How To Buy Cheap Ebooks online and Where To Buy Cheap eBooks? With thesee three tips below, you will be able to speed up your way towards success in your online eBook business. To buy ebook online is an...

25th February 2011

Books as Key to Knowledge

"Known is a drop, Unknown is an Ocean" These words are certainly true when it comes to knowledge. Knowledge is so vast that it is very hard to acquire it as a whole. But our brain has sufficient capacity to store lots of information. Mankind has evolv...

25th February 2011

The 31 Day Fat Loss Cure Reviews

31 Day Fat Loss Cure is often a perfectly balanced health and fitness and excess weight loss program. The program has been developed by Vic Magary who spent some time in the US Army where he discovered how to obtain fit rapidly and workout correctly. He i...

25th February 2011

Tricks to Writing Great Non-Fiction

One of the most underrated types of literary works, especially for an African American author, is non-fiction. If you take a look at the books that are most highly purchased, you'll quickly find that it's the fiction that gets all the glory, while most of...

23rd February 2011

Spinoza's book photo in 360-degree flash animation

Spinoza is one of the noblest and greatest philosophers. His breathtaking visions were most of the time highlighted in his novels and this was one of the best attributes which had made him very close to his readers’ hearts. Despite “Traité de la réfo...

23rd February 2011

Spinoza’s book put into life by PackshotCreator

Books and novels are always close to readers’ hearts. Now, before purchasing a book, more precisely, online, readers make it a must to see every single detail that the novel contains. That is, they see meticulously at the packaging of the book which is ...

21st February 2011

Romance Novels are More Than Just Stories About Love

Romance books may be top sellers in the bookstores, but have you realized that they also contain important life lessons? These romance novels mirror the realities of life, love, and relationships. They are good for your heart, but most of all, they are ...

21st February 2011

Finding Classical Romance Novels and Authors

Romance novels have kept a lot of people believing that true love exists and they can find theirs in due time. Classical romance novels have survived in today’s generation because of their unique plotlines and the method of how they were written. There’s ...

17th February 2011

Marathi Books, A Mirror Of The Society Of Maharashtra

What do you do when you need to read a book? There are a few options, one, you can go to a book shop and buy it. Two, you can get it downloaded from the net, and three, you can go to a library and can read it there. But what if you have got it delivered a...