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09th November 2010

Robert Steele for Congress 15th Congressional District in Michigan State

MR. DINGELL HAS ONLY HIS SELF INTEREST AT HEART!!! The present governing body under John Dingell plunges us deeper into debt and reduces our "freedoms" further as they take away a lot more of our "liberty" to produce our own possibilities. We need to quit...

09th November 2010

The Tea Party Does Not Really Care About the Budget Deficit

A recent New York Times article exposing the contradictory claims of the G.O.P.’s “call” for cuts is stunning, even though it reports what anyone paying attention to the news already knew. Riding the wave of populist anger at a perceived draconian govern...

02nd November 2010

The Obama Tax Cuts

Can we hear a little less about how Obama is just another tax-and-spend liberal? As the New York Times reported the other day, one third of the stimulus package consisted of tax breaks worth $116 billion, covering “95% of working families.” It also provid...

01st November 2010

Dr. Robert Steele 2010 Campaign 15th District Near MI State - Review

HARD Functioning AMERICAN!!! Dr. Robert Steele is just not your average politician. Rob is actually a Hard Operating American, who's success is often a product of Challenging work and initiative. As a physician, he understands the devastating impact Dinge...

01st November 2010

Find John Dingell Michigan State Representative District 15 2010 Elections

WANTS TO Deliver BACK Great SENSE!!! Doctor Rob Steele is one of the finest candidates that Americans can hope for and I am happy to see that he has committed himself to run for congress to Deliver back sanity and Great sense to this out of control Govern...

01st November 2010

Dr. Robert Steele vs John Dingell 2010 Elections State Michigan - Choose

DINGELL PLUNGES US DEEPER INTO DEBT!!! The present governing body under John Dingell plunges us deeper into debt and reduces our "freedoms" further as they take away a lot more of our "liberty" to make our own options. We should stop this now with our pos...

01st November 2010

Hunting For John Dingell Democrat vs Dr. Robert Steele Republican 2010 Elections

STICKS TO HIS WORD!!! Dr. Robert Steele has proven by means of his life and job that he knows how to create jobs, and keep them in our state. Our state citizens are losing their careers, and moving away to other states. That's a major issue in Michigan th...

28th October 2010

Dr. Robert Steele vs John Dingell for State Representative District 15 Michigan - Comments

JOHN DINGELL HAS LOST HIS WAY!!! John Dingell has lost his way and can't come across his way back to his constituents whom he promised to represent. He has carried out quite the opposite - he voted against the will in the individuals around the health car...

28th October 2010

Let’s Stop Blaming Obama: The Case for Taking Collective Responsibility

Matt Bai’s recent New York Times article about the modern presidency portrays an executive with severely limited abilities to shape the world and America’s destiny. It argues that globalization has made it nearly impossible to effectively manage the econ...

26th October 2010

here.4US ban on openly gay military personnel suspendedA US judge has ordered a nationwide

Bumblebees prefer stripes and red flowers, research suggests Virginia Phillips last month ruled the "don't ask, don't tell" policy unconstitutional.Under the policy, gay people can serve in the military but face expulsion if their sexuality is discovere...

19th October 2010

The Military Is Shifting Towards Renewable Energy; Will We Follow Its Lead?

This is big news. Once again, it appears the American military will lead the way. Not only is it protecting us from our enemies in the campaign against terrorism, but it is also pioneering the fight against our dependence on fossil fuels. As the Ne...

14th October 2010

On the Israeli hi-tech experience and what we should all learn from it

In the 1990s, Israel emerged as a leading center for technology start-ups and innovation. In 2000, near the peak of the high-tech boom, Israel had 4000 high-tech firms and new ones were forming at the rate of about 500 start-ups per year. Today, out of th...

13th October 2010

Anti-Terrorist Campaigns, U.S.A., 1900-02, 1905-07

1900–1902 The Philippine Insurrection is an American term for what a number of Philippine historians would call The Philippine Revolution for Independence. The first Philippine leader of the Insurrection/Revolution was a charismatic young man called ...

05th October 2010

How America’s Superpower Status is Slipping Away

After finishing Anatole Kaletsky’s excellent op-ed (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/27/opinion/27kaletsky.html?_r=1) I wondered why I had not seen an article like this until now. Finally someone is writing about palpable changes in global finance philosop...

23rd September 2010

A Mosque at ground zero?

President Obama's recent approval for the construction of the Cordoba Centre, an Islamic centre and Mosque near the site of the September 11 attack on the twin tower attack has quite understandably raked up a huge controversy. The President claims to have...