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07th June 2011

Preschool of the Arts - School Really Can be Fun

We all know that the employment market is only going to become more competitive in the future, so it really makes sense to give our children the best possible start that we can, doesn't it? But what do you do if they aren't yet at school age, and you don'...

07th June 2011

Bal Bhavan International School In Dwarka

Bal Bhavan International School can be spotted from just about any angle in Dwarka, with its white and blue dotted glazed designer tiled architecture building amidst the lush green grass and vast open spaces. One of Indiaís premier institutes since 1967, ...

07th June 2011

The OPG School In Dwarka, New Delhi

The OPG World School is located in Sector 19B of Dwarka. The school is a tribute to the great educationist of the pre-independence era, Shri O.P. Guptaji. He ran an exclusive school for girls in Lahore at a time when girlsí education was considered a tabo...

03rd June 2011

Shri Ram Shiksha Mandir An English Medium School In Jindpur

Jindpur on the periphery of Delhi, isnít just famous for the Splash water park, itís also famous for a number of schools. Prominent out of them being Shri Ram Shiksha Mandir School.The name Shiksha Mandir when translated literally, means the Temple of edu...

02nd June 2011

Interactive classroom teaching by using whiteboards

Due to technology, both teaching and learning has been improved and due to this, children are able to learn new things in a simple way. Interactive whiteboards provide the ability for presentation, demonstration, and modelling, which helps children to und...

02nd June 2011

Cool Children Games

Children Love video games. From a youthful age they make up and play their very own games for hours of amusement. It usually lights up their earth be taught a cool kids game at college, or to play a brand new game at a get together.Cool little ones games ...

02nd June 2011

Best Play Schools In Lajpat Nagar Delhi

Lajpat Nagar is one of the most sought after place in terms of business, shopping, standard lifestyle, and good education and health facilities. Many people flock in this place to satisfy the above mentioned requirements. For attaining all the luxuries of...

01st June 2011

Kids Pride A Best Play School In Rohini

Kidís Pride is a play school located in Rohini. The age group of the children, who come to the school, is from 2 to 3. The timings of the school are from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The method of instruction used at the school is Play-way. The student-teacher ra...

01st June 2011

Certified Troubled Teens Military Schools for Anxious Boys in Los Angeles

It is fact that Parents are not at all happy to see their kids destroying their own lives. It may be possible that struggling teenager often find success through a structured, emotional growth in a school environment. Therefore parents send their children...

01st June 2011

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya Lodhi Estate Lodhi Road Delhi

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is a fiery historical figure in Indian History known for his crucial role during the Indian Freedom Struggle and suffering and sacrifice. In the year, 1958 in free India, the Gujarat Education Society established the Sardar Patel...

31st May 2011

Helpful Military Boot Camps for Rebellious Youths in Mississippi

Public educational system of the recent day is not completely equipped to handle worried youths so the parents of these youths are sometimes turning to armed schools to restraint and educate their concerned kids. Mississippi military boot camps have been ...

31st May 2011

Teacher training: Learning For Tomorrow

With the inevitable proliferation of technology in the classroom, the role of the teacher must evolve. It is no longer sufficient for teachers merely to impart content knowledge. It will be crucial for teachers to encourage critical thinking skills, promo...

31st May 2011

New Shalimar Public School In Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

New Shalimar Public School is located in Shalimar Bagh in New Delhi. The school was established in the year 1985. The school is functioning on the successful ethos of life Ė joy, learn and achieve. The school has an awe-inspiring, majestic, centrally air-...

31st May 2011

The Joy of Parenting Teenage Girls

Parenting teenage girls may possibly not be as exciting as a barrel of monkeys even so it definitely comes awful close. Teen girls are the predecessors to yet another person which is very hard to comprehend some times, a women. Teen girls are filled with ...

31st May 2011

Tweens, Teenagers and Texting

Also make certain that the lots of elements to your personality are revealed slowly and gradually.Respect his area as you respect yoursThe greatest way to get him addicted to you is by generating distinct lower boundaries. Make convinced that he respects ...