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13th December 2010

Funds Misappropriated by Ralph Gonsalves

When Ralph Gonsalves doesn’t have any regard for the human beings of St. Vincent and Grenadines, how can he care about their development? That is the statement that is being passed on from one cynical Vincentian to the other. People are not talking ...

13th December 2010

The Political Bird Has Broken It's Wings

To fix the bird! I'm not sure myself if politics in our country has ever been as confusing as it is these days. Maybe my own perspective of our country clouds my understanding, but as I see it now both sides are broken. Our country is turning in upon its...

13th December 2010

Hurricane-Ravaged SVG Look At Ralph Gonsalves

The hurricane that tore through the country of St. Vincent and Grenadines and St. Lucia has put additional task loads on the two respective Prime Ministers. This is probably the last chance that the Prime Minister of SVG will get to salvage a reputation t...

13th December 2010

Email Government Officials To Change Things For The Better

Citizens are often seen frustrated with the ongoing political issues. There is no dearth to the situations where they feel their opinions/viewpoints can make a difference for them as well as for the society as a whole. Although the Constitution of the Uni...

09th December 2010

Should We Elect Ralph Gonsalves ?

A Prime Minister of any country is responsible for the upholding a favorable image of his country to the outside world. In fact he should portray the country to the world. For this reason, a Prime Minister should be well behaved, diplomatic, rational and ...

09th December 2010

FOX News Logic Knows No Bounds, Even When It Comes to National Security

The recent uproar from the right over the T.S.A.’s tight security measures should come as no surprise, staggering as it may seem. When conservative commentators started calling Afghanistan “Obama’s Vietnam” at the very beginning of his presidency, well b...

08th December 2010

Things to know about pet boarding kennels.

So you are getting ready for a trip and are looking for a place for the pooch to stay? You think you've done your all your research: - You've check for the first-class pet boarding facility within 50 miles. - You've read Google, Yahoo and Bing re...

08th December 2010

Can Britain’s Government Hold Its Nerve?

“EurasiaTrade” takes a look at the corner the UK is being pushed into. “Firm but fair”, said the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne. Earlier, this fellow had just announced that, as part of his coalition government’s bid to slash the larg...

08th December 2010

Columbias Drug War Repeated In Mexico

Ciudad Juarez and El Paso, twin border cities, are the major crossing point for drugs smuggled into the U.S.A. The war is not just against the authorities, but cartels fighting among themselves for control of the very lucrative trafficking routes. In C...

06th December 2010

The Highs and Lows of ULP Government

As the Election Day at Saint Vincent and the Grenadine is scheduled on December 13, I like many of my fellow Vincentians have began to reflect on the positive as well as the negative points of the current ULP government lead by the Prime Minister Dr. Ralp...

03rd December 2010

How the Republican Majority in the House will Impact US Tax Law

Leading up to the election last week, Republican candidates promised serious tax law changes in the next two years. However, since Democrats retained control of the Senate, many are wondering which, if any, of these promises will actually come to fruition...

03rd December 2010

The Vincentians Should Make informed Decision at the Election Day

When the Prime Minister of a country sets out to commit criminal activities, what are the odds that the person will be brought to the book? Before you answer, take into consideration the fact that this same person also holds important strings in the polic...

03rd December 2010

NAR Keeps Veterans at Their Homes through a Home Relief Program

The National Association of Realtors extends its Operation Home Relief Facebook Causes campaign. It was launch last month to keep military families in their home through assistance for foreclosures, and the country responded with great eagerness – a...

30th November 2010

Lexington Political Views

lexington citynewsLEXINGTON - The background of Lexington is the heritage of a very fascinating experiment in area constructing. Its inception was practically concomitant with the erection of Morrow County, and the animating goal of its founder was to b...

26th November 2010

Women In Saint Vincent and the Grenadines – Are They Safe There?

As a native of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines I rather take pride on the picturesque beauty of our country and I strongly believe that this can be the best honeymoon destination for people who love to enjoy a serene honeymoon. The tourism industry of th...