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22nd March 2011

The Problem with America is who runs the country, “Lawyers!”

By Jack Ferm JD; Guest Columnist Of all the professions Lawyers are by en large the most incompetent and corruptible of any … less than 1% of our legal establishment has the knowledge or concern to be of value to society. Lawyers are what are known ...

21st March 2011

Know Tips of Press Release submission

Generally Press release can be defined in several ways. But the most accepted definition of press release is that something which promotes an idea or product that is newsworthy or of benefit to the public. It is important that your press release submissi...

21st March 2011

Press Launch: Why web optimization Specialists Ought to Not Use Press Releases

Rumor has it that press releases are the following huge thing within the web optimization business, and lots of companies are spending high dollars making an attempt to write the following huge press launch asserting the following huge balloon breaking te...

18th March 2011

What The World Needs Now - A New Political News Aggregator

What if there was a news aggregator specifically geared to update you on the later and most current politics and political news? - A site like automated news aggregator Techmeme, only tailored to the most current and important in national and local US pol...

09th March 2011

Gazette Press Release

In this modern era effective marketing has become the spinal cord of any business. There are several ways you can market your products so it reaches the mass. A dominant recent trend in marketing is article marketing. Article marketing is an immensely eff...

02nd March 2011

Advantages And Benefits Of Press Release

When developing your press release you can employ certain keywords and optimize your Press release for the Search Engines. Since so many Press releases are pick up by the Search Engines these days, one that has be decently optimized can show up reasonably...

22nd February 2011

Press Release: Substantial Use Of Press Release

The Press Release Distribution Services often call on to be cost effective & present guaranteed result. Even a few seconds or minutes News segment supporting your product or service can do wonders, which no amount of Paid adverts will be able to do. A pho...

20th February 2011

Celebrity news: Katie Price confirms split from Alex Reid

The celebrity gossip columns had been predicting it for some time, but it seems the whirlwind reality romance that was Katie Price and Alex Reid has finally come to a well-publicised end. After much press speculation about their 11-month marriage, Pric...

18th February 2011

Strong Government Support to Drive Chinese Apparel Industry

Apparel and textile industry forms an integral part of the industrial sector in China. While the government emphasis on promotion of manufacturing sector has given a new dimension to the industry, presence of skilled & cheap manpower, strong production li...

14th February 2011

How to Write Informative and Attention Grabbing Press Release

Press release is a piece of written or recorded information announcing new development of any business, organization or high profile individuals that carries new value. The press release is information and not literary piece. You focus should be to make i...

08th February 2011

Dr. Tohme Tohme - Michael Jackson’s Close Friend and Manager

Dr. Tohme Tohme is a financial expert who was Michael Jackson's close ally and manager during the last year and a half of the King of Pop's life. Dr.Tohme Tohme came to Michael Jackson's aid at a critical time. By the spring of 2008, Jackson's mounting f...

07th February 2011

Kim Basinger Horoscope

Introduction of Kim Basinger Kimila Ann "Kim" Basinger is an top most American actress and former fashion model, which was born in Athens (GA) USA on December 08, 1953. Kim Basinger won a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress - Motion Picture ...

07th February 2011

Basketball Legend’s Home Falls into Foreclosure

Julius Erving, also known as Dr. J in the basketball scene, has disclosed that his $2.23 million house in Utah is under foreclosure. This is another reminder that foreclosure affects not just ordinary citizens, but also high-profile celebrities and sports...

05th February 2011

In-store Sales to Witness Sky Rocketing Growth

The US convenience stores (c-stores) industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing sectors that present lucrative investment opportunities for new players. Convenience store segment that forms nearly 12% of the US retail industry experienced ...

31st January 2011

Affects of Recession on Oil Drilling

Oil drilling around this world has till now provided plenty of jobs to people, for the past several decades. The trend of the oil drilling jobs has been quite positive until recently, just before the global recession broke out. Ever since that there has b...