Incredible GPS Devices Developments Could More Surveillance = More Freedom?

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In the united states, according to US privacy advocacy groups, the 4th amendment on the US Constitution is what's keeping the police and other Fed authorities from simply going out of their way and place any sort of hidden GPS tracking devices or trackers on anyone's vehicle or property even without the knowledge of that person unless they were issued an official warrant by a judge to do so. But, civil liberties groups say, a US appeals call might be changing this ruling and disturbingly head to a new direction.

The California Federal Court of Appeals recently turned down the appeal of a certain Juan Pineda-Moreno to overturn a drug conviction he was meted with. He contested that Fed agents placed GPS tracking devices on his Jeep without his knowledge and without any search warrants. The court turned the appeal down, supporting this action by the Federal authorities pointing to the undeniable fact that the automobile was on public property .

This court case, which has wide-ranging implications against civic rights, is an incredible blow to efforts by civil freedoms groups to put a stop to this unwarranted practice by certain law enforcement agents of putting GPS trackers on anybody without their knowledge. For years , these groups have been fighting for folk rights against this big brother type of control that the state have over folks.

But do we need to worry about this development?

GPS device providers and mavens recognise this issue and have recounted out their more favourable view, even recommending that GPS jammers are a great solution for folks have to guard their privacy. The purchase and usage of GPS jammers is still unlawful in the United States and are essentially prohibited in use at other nations however , folks would go thru lengths and even risk side effects solely to protect their privacy from unwarranted monitoring efforts from authorities.

Taking a look at this from another angle, the solution for keeping the govt. off peoples's back and keeping the authorities from having total control is for folk to understand where everybody is at any particular moment through the usage of portable GPS receivers and locators. If folk are supplied or equipped with more tracking capacities on their lonesome, then there will not be any need for the government to do these tracking activities in stealth.

People may disagree that it'd be like throwing your personal privacy out in the wind should GPS tracking capabilities be as humdrum as using the telephone, but this would stop govt authorities from going behind peoples's backs to get info that's now humdrum unless you've got something illegal to hide away.

It's like your address being listed on a phone book, except it's powered by the constellation of GPS satellites orbiting the Earth and is updated on a genuine time basis. Communications and navigations would be fully revolutionized, making it faster, faster and more accurate unless you plan to go under the radar and deliberately hide your whereabouts for whatever reasons that warrant such actions.

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