Increasing Goof Ups Of Satellite TV Providers

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Satellite TV providers are having a good time over subscribers. They are using them for their advantage and using unethical business means to rope into customers as well into their scams. In fact, rising number of complaints proves the fact that they are still following wrong path and cheating consumers largely. But the question is how to see through these deceptions and malpractices? Is there any method to find out that a particular provider is employing unclear advertisements and schemes to mislead customers? Why donít these companies realize that consumers are their real assets and if they come to know about these scams that they will simply switch boats! As a result, this will not just decrease the yearly revenues, but will also hurt the reputation and brand identity of any satellite TV provider or any other company.

No doubt, DirecTV is a well known satellite TV provider in the United States, but of late, it has been clouded with many controversies and complaints. There are have been many issues against the company regarding early termination fee, hidden charges and fees, faulty equipment, DVR issues, NFL ticket problems, advertisement scams and lots more. People have faced many troubles with this provider post they enrolled into the packages. One such consumer has recently alleged that in spite of cancelling extra channels that are offered with NFL ticket pack, the channels were broadcast.

Not just this, the customer was even charged for airing these channels. This was shocking for him that even after discontinuance request, why did DirecTV continue to air these added channels. What was more offending was that the company even charged him for these channels. In fact, to make the matter worse, when he called up DirecTV to complain for the same, he was bluntly told by the DirecTV representative that nothing can be done for this, since according to their records, he never called for cancellations. The subscriber was taken aback at this reply! Even we are as well. This is a sheer case of irresponsibility on the part of DirecTV customer care, who didnít make a note of cancelling the extra services. Or if I may say, is it another goof up on the part of the company!! Whatever maybe the case, the sufferer is the subscriber, who is even charged for these NFL ticket added channels. It is disappointing that a branded company like DirecTV can follow mismanagement and deceive people. Not even for once do they think about their most significant assets, customers? Perhaps, money is all for them.

However, if you fall in the category of deception, then you should immediately raise your voice against such cheating and unethical trade practices. You should immediately get in touch with the Attorney Generals of California. Or you can contact them on their website at or call them at 916.322.3360. Non-resident of California can contact AGs in their state to get restitution. You have time until June 9, 2011 to file a complaint with the AGs.

Sophia Johnson is an eminent writer of social media and also a DirecTV customer for last two years. But recently she faces some problems while renewing her package plans, and being a writer she feels itís her social duty to let her countrymen know about this malpractice of DirecTV. To know more about it visits my Facebook page.

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