Incorrect Common Views of Facial Cleanser

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When people take care of their skins, they often make some mistakes they will not realize. If you do something wrong in the first step, it may have no effect in protecting skins. So, people have to know those incorrect common views.

Mistake One: The more expensive facial cleanser is, the better cosmetic result is.
Face wash is to clean the skin, but excessive functional ingredients can cause skin cleansing not complete and they enter into skin pores without any protection will give skin burden. Therefore, skin cleansing only need to meet two basic conditions: thorough clean and skin moisture.

Mistake Two: It is cleaner to wash face with a towel.
Terry towel is ten times bigger than the pores, so it is difficult to thoroughly remove the dirt and oil in deep pores. The wet will breed various bacteria, which will cause skin allergies by friction. So, it is better to use gentle cleansing sponge and dry it to disinfect.

Mistake Three: Wash your face with hot water to clean the skin more thoroughly.

The choice of water temperature is very important because hot water can completely remove the protective layer of skin and make skin loose and skin rough to cause wrinkles. In addition, if oil is washed too much, it will speed up the skin aging. However, if people use low temperature water, it makes the skin pores closed and people cannot wash sebum accumulation, dust and dirt residue in the face. It not only could not reach the effect of beauty, but also makes skin prone to skin diseases such as acne. The correct way is to use 35 ℃ warm water to wash face and then rinse with cold water.

Mistake Four: It will be cleaner to wash face several times a day in hot weather.
In normal situation, it is to wash face once in the morning and evening. If you run out one day, the dust and sweat will make skin uncomfortable. You can have a deep cleansing in this situation. If the weather is too hot, you can increase one time a day.

Pay attention to the above mistakes and you can make your skins more white and smooth.

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