Improvised Cooking Stoves And Ovens

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Modernization has brought many advantages along with it to make the life of people more comfortable and easier. Affordability and availability is one of the main factors to get any kind of advantage of the technology.

The lifestyle of people living in developed world and people living in developing and poor world is complete opposite. The technological advancement that they have made along with time is extremely commendable. From the use of simple equipment like gas and stoves to use of heavy machinery in field of agriculture are not the same in these two worlds. The use of gas based gas stoves and ovens are must in every household in developed countries but that is not the case for people living in developing world.

Surely, the people who can afford it in urban community of developing world has the same facilities like the people living in developed world but millions of people still lack the facility of using such luxurious materials.

Stoves and ovens are the most important things that are needed for cooking any food materials. In most of the remote areas people still use the stoves made by using clay where firewood is used to cook the food and most of them don't even have idea about oven. Firewood is non-renewable materials and can do a lot of harm to both environment and human beings as well due to indoor pollution which releases carbon-dioxide.

Along with time lives of people living in such difficult environment has improvised as many organizations are being involved. Even though organizations can't reach to all these people, information certainly can. Practical Answers is one those sites which is reducing poverty by providing technical knowledge and information. The information provided in this site has helped so many people around the world. Mostly in developing countries like Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Sudan, East Africa, India and others they have made major difference in life of people through knowledge about using improvised stoves. The stoves used are mostly run through hydro-power and bio-gas which minimizes the smoke emission.

There are many ideas which can be found in this site for the use of better and improvised stoves. Complete manuals are also given for the construction of such stoves which can easily be made by using the locally available resources.

Knowledge is power
and sharing and educating people is one of the best things that can be done to alleviate poverty. Using these improvised stoves and ovens will not only help people to live healthy lives but make the environment smoke free as well. The information can easily be shared and made available to as many people as possible. Since, they are available in different languages along with audio and videos it makes the process of educating them much easier.

One does not need a lot to make a difference. Even a simple effort can be of so much help to people. Share your knowledge and ideas about the things you know on such topic to improve the lives of people living in such difficulty.

The methods and techniques used can be easily followed by people and the construction process is easy as well. So, make a difference to improve the lives of poor living in remote areas by sharing information and knowledge to people.

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