Improve The Living Environment By Recycling E-Waste

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Most people update their electronic products these days on a regular basis, not because they aren't made well and need replacing, but because technology is so advanced that a newer model often appears on the market a year later and consumers like to have the latest if they can afford it!

This means that there is a mass of still working, but outdated, electronic items that can't simply be thrown in the bin due to the harm they can cause to the environment once they start to break down. So instead they end up sitting forgotten in a drawer, or stored in the garage or attic and taking up space - a shame and a waste of materials as most of the time there is nothing wrong with these items - they have just been replaced with a newer model.

Some people will simply throw away their old products without a thought, whilst others will either give it away to a friend or make some money by selling it through an internet shopping site such as eBay or similar. The more environmentally-aware will find an electronic recycling unit to take it off their hands, leaving them guilt-free that it won't wind up in a landfill and cause harm to the surroundings and endanger human health.

Business organizations have it especially hard as when they want to modernize their business they may suddenly find themselves with hundreds of desktop computers, old cell phones or printers on their hands, and with no trade-in value they become a waste of space and energy. The added problem is that computers and hard drives may have customers and employees financial and personal details stored on them so can't simply be given away with goodwill to the needy, instead they often end up in storage for years before any decision is made as to what to do with them.

Most waste management companies specialize in collecting, sorting, dismantling and recycling electronic goods so this includes all kinds of things from a basic mobile phone and desktop computer to fax machines, printers, answer machines, monitors, laptops, and a whole host of other items that still have a lot of use in them. They generally pass these items onto people who don't have the same opportunities as those in the west, or if the product is not working then it gets dismantled whereby the parts and materials will be put to another use creating new items. They also have skip bins for hire and many other useful services.

Reducing electronic waste ultimately leads to a reduction of toxic elements in the atmosphere, poisons such as sulphur and lead, mercury and cadmium, just some of the most dangerous to our society and the earth. When you realize we are talking about millions of products, just for personal computers alone, being discarded and ending up in landfills then the scale of the problem becomes obvious, and quite scary. Thankfully more and more consumers are becoming aware of the green issues and recycling in Australia and making an attempt to recycle as much as they can, also government initiatives and changes in laws and regulations has resulted in a lot more positive attitudes towards reusing and recycling.

Apart from protecting the environment there are other valid reasons behind recycling and one of them is data security, disposing of electronic devices is the best way to protect customers from unofficial access to private data information. Also the amount of resources available in the materials discarded is enormous, a complete waste to just throw away when there are so many metals that can be melted down and reused.

Those in the recycle computers and electronics business are onto a good thing as disposing of e-waste becomes mandatory and a socially-conscious world decides to clean up their act. It also offers economic and environmental opportunities for the future, creating jobs and making the earth a safer and healthier place for our children to enjoy.

Michiel Van Kets writes articles for William Wright about recycling in Australia and more. The environmental services leaders in Australia, Veolia offers waste management and resource recovery, as well as industrial services such as industrial cleaning and facilities management, 100 percent focused on satisfying the communitys essential daily needs in order to improve the living environment. Currently operating at over 100 locations across Australia, and employing more than 3000 dynamic and skilled staff, Veolia has for nearly 40 years implementing innovative, effective and sustainable waste solutions, also able to provide skip bins for hire solutions across a wide range of dry and solid waste streams as well as other environmental services in Australia. Find out about recycle computers and much more today.

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