Importance Of Online Music Ear Training For Music Aspirants

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Learning ear training has been in practice for so many years. In the 1980s, you used to spend a fortune to learn online training. This included bunches of cassettes which have all the instructions for the ear training audio course. Alittle upgradation was there in the form of compact discs during 1990s. However, people find them expensive and there were chances of scratching. Sometimes, people even found that what they bought was actually not what they desired of.

With the inception of the internet, things became easier. One of them was a recognition of your own pitch. This pitch recognition includes both relative and perfect pitch. Nowadays, the computer has helped us with online ear training courses. One can download these courses within minutes on their personal computers. This won’t require you to spend a fortune. These online ear training courses are far cheaper than the old tape and CD versions.

Another major benefit with online ear training courses is that these courses come with 100% guarantee unlike tape or CD courses.

Who mainly prefers online ear training programs?

Music ear training is leant mainly by those who want to have a good understanding of music. Mainly two types of people want to indulge into this-

• Practicing musicians of different competencies who want to improve on ear training part.
• Budding musicians who want to deepen their knowledge of instruments and music. The individuals falling under this group are more than the individuals of the above described group. Most of the individuals of this group cannot sing a given note in tune as they are in their learning phase.

Music is said to be a hearing art. Therefore, if you want to improve your skills in playing violin, guitar, piano, or want to be a better songwriter or a singer, you have to get excellence in music ear training. In online ear training, you have to learn both relative pitch and pure pitch ear training methods.

Relative pitch ear training- this type of training teaches you to differentiate between the two notes. It gives you an ability to identify between chords and intervals.

Perfect pitch ear training- most of the people have a misconception that perfect pitch cannot be learnt like relative pitch. But the truth is not this. It is just a little more difficult to master than the relative pitch.

Though, perfect pitch is not that much necessary, but it will certainly make you a good musician. Moreover, learning perfect pitch for ear training will leave an impression on people.

When you think to learn music ear training, it doesn’t matter that you are a singer, violinist, songwriter or a classical style composer, it becomes important for you to learn relative pitch to have a better experiencein the field of music. When you try music without hearing, it’s just like a blind shot in the dark. Ear gives you the real feel for music which is then translated by you through instrument or your voice.

According to me, if you are looking forward for some music you must definitely look for a music ear training course online which can be easily downloaded. These online courses really work and are very easy to implement. Moreover, you need not look for any teacher to start learning.

Andrer Enaud is a journalist, Billboard and VH1 award winning musician, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and music teacher to thousands, through school boards and privately. is online music store that connects its visitors to get Online Ear Training for dream or desire!

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