Importance of Mobile App Testing for Enterprises

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While reading an e-journal few days back, I came across something very interesting. It said that in a few years for now, we would witness pilot-less airplanes carrying passengers across the globe. We have already experienced how Drone fighter planes have been proving this point for past few years. However, pilot-less passenger airplane is just an imagination and research is underway in this regard. These examples give a clear indication that technology is advancing quickly and influencing every phase of our lives. There is a technology or say a revolution called mobiles, which started with AMPS concept, went on to GSM and now smart phones and apps have created a stir in the entire world.

iOS, Android and Windows smart phone operating systems have changed the way, we used to operate our mobile phones few years back. Their advent has made us no longer rely on bulky desktops or even fragile laptops. Smart phones have better functionality than laptops and PCs and hence, they are termed as palm computers. It is estimated that more than 60 percent American population uses smart phones in their daily routine works and this importance in even higher in the business sector. For business owners, mobility concept streamlines the flow of data, transactions, communication, and productivity. However, the recurrently increasing influence of mobile apps has created a complex situation for IT section of the companies, as it is responsible managing firm's mobility system. Mobile apps testing become a very important task to accomplish but at the same time, it is very challenging as well. Here are few factors that make a mobile app testing a very exigent task to perform.

1. Ever-emerging different mobile devices play a significant role in making app testing a diligent task.

2. Compressed release cycle of smart phones, their operating systems and mobile apps make mobile testing very difficult to perform.

3. The smart phone users demand more sophisticated and highly functional apps that make developers to create highly sophisticated and complex mobile apps thus, complicating the app testing process.

4. People using smart apps, especially business owners and those who use apps for professional purposes, look to perform more complex tasks by using more spontaneous and simpler interfaces.

App testing holds so much importance because of the presence of bugs. Bugs are a form of errors found in an application or software making it to stop functioning or behave unexpectedly. At present, there are millions of apps available at various app stores and users can uninstall the app that has bugs and go for another app. For business owners, this means that one potential customer has left. To prevent this situation from arising, it is important to get better and bug-free apps for the use of end-users. Usually, app development companies can perform this task by testing mobile apps across:-

1. Language

2. Browser

3. Wireless carrier

4. Operating system

5. Location

Here are the risks that a business may face if it deploys its mobile app with testing it.

1. Low adoption rate

2. Low user satisfaction

3. Decreased competitiveness

4. Loss of revenue

5. Loss of capital used in development and QA process

6. Elongated life cycles

7. Decreased productivity of the employees

9. Loss of reputation and credibility of the business

These aftermaths are real and could be very intimidating for any business owner. On the other hand, they are good as they make a business owner aware of the need of quality in the business apps, which could be achieved by stiff testing of all aspects of an app on the parameters mentioned above.

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