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Image editing is a process of customizing the images to suit the required needs. This process requires some specialized software or programs installed on the machines used to edit. Examples of such programs include adobe Photoshop, fotoflexer and Photoshop express. This editing can be done by use of computers installed with these programs. Online editing is also available where some companies offer these editing services. The client uploads their photograph to these companies' website and editing is done according to clients' directions. Payment is done and the edited photograph sent to the client.

Image editing includes changing the view able aspects of original images. There are some reasons why photo editing is done. Some of these reasons are;

a) To improve quality - some images are of low quality in their original state. Editing such photos include processes such as color enhancements. Fading colors can be made more dark and the image looks new and of high quality.

b) For fun - some image editing is for entertainment. When images are edited, they change in many aspects. Most of these changes are noticeable by the viewers. Some editing is very funny because of the way they make the image appear. An example of funny editing is whereby the image of a person is edited to look as if it was taken from a higher level. The image produced usually makes the person on the image to look big headed. This is very funny because the image looks more of a cartoon image. Different shading and use of color is another funny aspect.

c) To remove poor backgrounds - some image backgrounds are not pleasing to view. Removing such backgrounds is good to make the image nice-looking. Such backgrounds include dirty environments and unwanted people taken and looking like they were part of the image.
Photo editing services include

1. Objects removal - involves getting rid of unwanted image parts.

2. Enhancement of color - this is making the color of images look more original or realistic. Fading colors are enhanced to appear original.

3. Sky replacement - the state of the sky background can be changed. E.g. cloudy sky can be changed and made calm and clear.

4. Dust and spot removal - this is removing very small spots from the image. E.g. a pimple on a face

5. Removing reflection shadows - shadows can also be get rid of.

Image retouching is the technique of rebuilding sections of images. It involves the manipulation of images for maximum quality of final image possible. Specialized personnel are involved in these processes. Special programs are also involved. Retouch services are offered online and also it can be done anywhere provided the required equipment and programs are available. Image retouch techniques include portrait retouching, video retouching, fashion retouching, special image effects etc.

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