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One concern that has existed regarding gaming platforms has been the inability to create a backup copy of the games that have been purchased. In general the cartridge games and even the disc games of modern times have not lent themselves to easy copying. The result has been that many owners simply did not have the ability to create the backups that they wanted. The internet has connected the wanting with the having once again.

There is software available for nearly every gaming platform that allows the functions of the gaming system's firmware to be basically replicated by personal computers with sufficient software. In general thise software is free and is referred to as an emulator. The whole "basically" word is one of the reasons that selecting a quality emulator. There are multiple emulators available and they are not all created equally. The quality of the emulator will impact the quality of the game that you play using it. That includes the graphics and a number of other elements.

In addition to the emulator that you choose getting a good, quality copy of your game is vital. The game is only as good as the file that you download. Okay - if you are wondering what this is about, downloading games for gaming platforms to be played on emulators. Most purchasers of electronic games are entitled to a backup copy. These copies are available for download online. For example you can download xbox 360 games to serve as backups of your xbox 360 games. These games can be played on your personal computer using an emulator. Now the quality of the files of the xbox 360 game will determine a number of aspects of the game play.

Your computer's hardware is used in place of the xbox 360 firmware and allows your games to play without the need of the console or the original disc. This means that if your computer's hardware is not of a sufficient quality you may not get the same performance from that game that you do when it is played on the platform's hardware. You can find places to download backup xbox 360 games online to be played using these emulators. There are sites that copy xbox 360 games to ROM files that are playable using emulators. Then offer the xbox 360 game downloads for free.

It is a good way to protect the games you want to protect and ensure that you can play the games even if you are away from your xbox 360 console or if the game's original copy is lost. You should learn the details of your particular rights, but in general you are entitled to a backup copy of your game when you purchase any electronic software. If you want to learn more consult your game's documentation or contact the software company for more details. Be certain that you only download a quality emulator and quality ROM's. You may want to ask if the game's software company recommends a particular emulator or site to download from.

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