If You're A Mobile Marketing Friend, It's Not Intrusive

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You might imagine that advertising within the highly personal confines of a subscriber's smart phone or web browser would be a definite no-no. After all, just consider how intrusive advertising or marketing has been rebuffed all the way along the line within the online environment. If it's not banner blindness, it's spam e-mail. Online, we simply don't want to see or hear it, in many respects. As the smart device is of course a great deal smaller than a laptop or desktop screen, this precious real estate should represent even more sacred ground. There is not very much room for the subscriber to see whatever he or she is trying to interact with as it is, without the mobile marketer trying to sneak a message in here or there.

Yet it appears that mobile marketing has, magically, being able to adjust its game, just in time to take advantage of these amazing new marketing opportunities. The new initiatives available to the marketer enable brands to create an environment that, if handled properly, will be trusted and will go even further than traditional or conventional advertising or marketing would hope to extend. In short, good mobile marketing can seek to establish the marketer as a trusted confidant and friend, with all the exponential gains that could be expected in such a position.

There are many issues that have to be addressed first, of course. Any message, whether it be in the form of texting, SMS marketing or media rich format cannot be intrusive and must never compromise the user's experience. In short, the user has to be in acceptance mode and this is where a customized communication that simply "makes sense," is the way to go.

We should never forget that the mobile browser is still likely to be used primarily to get information and that the user is always, in one shape or form, looking for such information. If the marketer can make sure that they know enough about the subscriber to only send targeted messages, in context and at the right time, all should be well. Being of course sensitive to security of information and general availability of data, an awareness of browser habits and propensity to request information can allow targeting and relevancy that should ultimately be seen as not intrusive.

In many respects the keyword is "mobile." The marketing communications device is not static anymore and it will be in use and available as a potential marketing device in a variety of different situations, placements and opportunities. Therefore it is even more important to deliver advertising that is in the right context and given at the right time and at the right place. The dynamic marketing environment represents a variety of additional opportunities and even more ways to reach the potential prospect.

The mobile marketer now crosses the threshold and gains acceptance in the personal world of the smart phone and mobile browser, rather than being shunned as might've happened in a conventional environment "of old." The user is then tempted to take further action by recommending services and products to friends, often within a social networking environment.


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