If You Can Make A House Look Great, You Could Be Selling Photography In The Property Market!

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I discovered this plan for selling photography almost by accident, but it works extremely well, if you are willing to put in the groundwork. Estate agents need great photographs of the houses they are selling, to entice customers into at least viewing them. Many try and do this themselves and often poorly. If you find one of these estate agents you can move in with your offer: - they are easily spotted by shoddy photography in their window.

After locating a potential estate agent it's best to show them a portfolio, so you'll need to have one. Check out affluent areas close to you and take pictures of some of the houses (after seeking the owner's permission, of course). You may also have some new estates with empty properties near you which you can use. A few shots of local famous buildings will also be useful in demonstrating your prowess. Don't be afraid to selectively edit afterwards in Photoshop to improve composition - just don't radically amend and change the overall feel of a property, or area.

After editing your pictures, it's time to create a portfolio that will impress estate agents, thereby helping you in selling photography services. Use your best 20 to 30 pictures and have these printed and presented into a portfolio professionally. Not only will this save you time but a reputable local, or online, printing company will make your portfolio presentation look as good as it can. Stick with what you do best - the photography.

With your portfolio ready, and a list of local estate agents, it is time to take a deep breath and make the big leap into the unknown. Simply stride in confidently and ask to talk to someone who deals with arranging the properties' photographs. You have nothing to lose so be polite, but assertive. Don't beat around the bush. Ask them if they would be interested in discussing a deal for photographs of the properties they sell. Some will consider hiring you - some will simply tell you no, and in this case you continue down the road and try elsewhere until you get the answer that you want

You may not make a fortune selling photography in this fashion, but once you have it up and running it certainly can produce a steady income. Think of this as just one part of your overall photography marketing plan. Whatever your results, it will help you build experience, not only in photography, but also in negotiating with people. As a business person, developing skills in this area is just as important as your talents as a photographer, if you wish to build a steady and regular income from your favourite pastime.


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