If simplicity is the key the Vodafone 540 fits the bill perfectly

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The Vodafone 540 is about as simple as a mobile phone can be. The handset is simple in style, design and functionality. Generally, this type of mobile phone would be utilised for someone who requires either a basic entry level mobile phone, or a second, replacement handset. Although basic in nature, it does exactly what a mobile phone should do, which is to make and receive phone calls.

Released in November 2009, this unit measures 109 mm x 47 mm wide. It is slim line in nature at only 11mm thick and extremely lightweight at only 90 g in weight. Its simplistic ergonomic design, is reminiscent of a phone from the early 90s, however its technology is present day.

One of the key features of this mobile phone is its entertainment options, which include an MP4/MP3 player and FM radio. Downloaded music files can be listened to with ease, with the option of video files as an alternative to downloaded music files. The majority of both audio and video formats can be played on this unit. The FM radio, offers respite from downloaded music files, by providing the means to listen to broadcasts from a number of local and national radio stations, whilst a variety of games, included within the package provide further entertainment.

The Vodafone 540 provides both vibration and ring alert types, with the added bonus of being able to utilise MP3 ringtones. This is a useful feature, which means that downloaded music files of current music can be utilised as a ringtone. The integrated speakerphone provides hands free communication. With reference to call records and phone book entries, the handset is able to retain up to 500 entries within its phone book as well as providing photo call functionality. In addition the last 20 dialled, received and missed calls are retained within the call records.

The phone comes with a limited 8 MB of internal memory, however by utilising the built in microSD card slot, otherwise known as Transflash, memory capacity can be increased significantly up to 4 GB. The phone comes with GPRS capabilities and also includes a 2.0 megapixel camera, which doubles up as a video recording device, to offer an alternative to still imagery.

The 540 Vodafone offers simple styling, functionality and ease of use. Its affordability is one of its main features, which is why it is generally used as a replacement handset.

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