If Mubarak Resigns, He Should Take Egypt’s Army With Him

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As we await Hosni Mubarak's address to Egypt and whether he'll resign, another question looms: If he does, will it make much of a difference in a country where the army is a "ruling caste"? In Thursday's Opinion pages, Daniel Williams, a senior researcher in the emergencies division of Human Rights Watch, paints a grim picture that's based in part on his own dealings with Egypt's not-so-clean army.

Where does the army stand in the epic struggle for Egypt's future? Will the "transition" out of Mubarak's 29-year rule lead to an end to political repression, torture, fake elections and strict curbs on speech, assembly and association? Or is the outcome more likely to be Mubarak-ism without Mubarak, with military overseers preserving the old system under a new guise?

Williams isn't hopeful.

Egypt's future, even without Mubarak, will be bleak unless it eliminates abusive practices by the country's security forces. […] To reduce suspicion that, in military hands, the brutal past is but prologue, the government needs to immediately protect basic rights, end arbitrary arrests and ill-treatment in custody, and ensure free expression and association, including keeping open Internet and communications channels throughout the country. This means lifting without delay the 30-year-old emergency law that has long been the legal justification to curb the rights of the Egyptian people.

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Egyptian anti Mubarak protesters rest subsequent to the marks of the tank during Tahrir Anti supervision protesters lay down in front of Egyptian Army armoured column10th 2011 04 05 PM ET More than dual weeks given demonstrators initial took a streets of Egypt s vital cities to direct an finish to President Hosni

source : http://live-news.co.tv/2011/02/10/entertainment/egypt-if-mubarak-resigns-he-should-take-egypts-army-with-him-los-angeles-times.html

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