Identifying Skin Types and Caring for Them

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Before undergoing any skin care treatment, one of the most important things to know is skin type. Not all skin care treatments yield the same results for people with different skin types. The difference lies in the amount of oil and moisture stored in the skin. Factors such as heredity, hygiene, diet, and stress all affect the amount of oil in the skin.

Dry skin often feels tight. It is more likely to develop skin patches and wrinkles, and has a greater tendency to become sensitive because of its low oil content. On the other hand, oily skin has an excess of oil and moisture. This type of skin often appears shiny and is particularly prone to acne and blemishes. Skin care experts recommend a regimen of moisturizers and regular liquid intake for people with dry skin, while for those with oily skin frequent washing and skin cleansing is highly recommended.

In many places in the United States, skin care is considered to be a top priority. One such place is San Jose, in the sunny state of California.

San Jose skin care experts care for the various skin types its more than one million residents have. These experts understand that prolonged exposure to sunlight and pollution can severely damage the skin. For this reason, they offer a multitude of skin care services such as facials and mud wraps, in order to help their clients maintain a healthy glowing skin.

For people with normal or combination skin types, San Jose skin care experts recommend non-conventional soap-based cleansers. They recommend using cleansers that provides exfoliation, in order to strip away dead skin. This is especially true in the face's t-zone area, which is considered to be the most sensitive area of the face.

Sensitive and damaged skins require the most attention. In order to keep their skin supple, people with sensitive or damaged skin should avoid soaps and chemical-based cleansers. Water-based moisturizes can help people with sensitive and damaged skin regain some of the lost moisture. These are some of the best treatments for skin care San Jose CA experts recommend.

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