Ideas On Making Your Own Custom Made Cards

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Greeting cards are artistically made cards that are intended to express friendship, love, and similar feelings. Generally they are given out or sent to friends and relatives on birth days, anniversaries, and other holidays. Other cards are handed out to express feelings of empathy and thanks. Store purchased cards are cheap and convenient yet they are massed made and generic. Custom made cards are a great idea for anyone who is interested in taking a more unique road.

For anyone looking for personalization and convenience, there are a number of helpful websites. The sites allow users to choose from a wide variety of card topics and then personalize their images and message. For a small fee the helpful websites will then print the items out and mail them directly to your intended recipients.

These websites are helpful though if you possess the extra time and work ethic, making handmade greeting cards on your own can be very rewarding. Your friends and relatives will enjoy the personalized gift and you will feel creative as well.

Birthdays are some of the most normal reasons for creating and mailing out greeting cards. They are also the simplest time to make the cards because, unlike with bigger mass holidays, you will not have to make a ton of items all at one time. And all you really require are some art supplies like paper, colored pens, and rubber cement.

Take two eight by ten sheets of white card stock and cut one in half. Fold the other one and then set it aside, then measure and cut out enough wrapping paper to fully cover one side of the smaller card stock piece. Use a small amount of glue or rubber cement to adhere the chosen paper to the front and back of the card stock.

Choose ribbons of corresponding colors and then, when the paper is dry, situate them over the paper in the same way you would a wrapped gift. Glue the "wrapped gift" to the folded card stock's front, personalize the interior, and them mail it to your relative or friend.

If you possess a piece of colorful card stock paper and a pen filled with plain bright ink you will be successful in creating a simple and personalized card too. Take the colored paper and fold it sideways and then, with the white gelled pen, sketch out your image and message on its front. You can pick anything from a basic greeting to a pattern of personalized designed. Nearly anything will go well as the white and colorful paper will correspond with one another.

If art is not your favorite hobby or strongest suit, think about using an adhesive paper. Draw out your desired image, cut it out with a utility knife, and then adhere it on front of the card stock. Then you'll simply have to use the sticky paper as a primitive stencil and go over it with the ink. When you are through, just peel off the sticky paper and admire your new card.

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