Ideas for Party Favors that You Can Use for Any Occasion

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Special family occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and baby showers are the perfect opportunity for friends and relatives to get together and cherish the moment. But occasions like these shouldnít be one way gift-giving events. In some cases, the hosts also provide gifts or favors for their guests to show their appreciation and love. If you have a lot of people present, itís appropriate to make party favors that are suitable for everyone.

You need not be specific when it comes to giving favors. You will just have to think of something that everyone will like. As you read on, you will be showered with various ideas for your party favors.

1. To start, food is one common idea that you can easily incorporate into your favors. Itís also not hard to make them for they can only be found in your local grocery stores. One good example that everyone will surely love are cookies. The advantage of cookies aside from its delicious taste is that it can be easily packed with almost anything. It also retains its shape. As a favor, you can place them inside small boxes or in personalized cookie jars.

2. Picture frames are also a wonderful idea. You can either make some with pictures inside or without any. You can personalize these picture frames with cute baby themes or romantic wedding blues depending on the occasion.

3. M&Ms are all time favorite treats. To convert them into cute favors, youíll just have to buy some small feeding bottles and fill them with these mouth watering candy coated chocolates. As an alternative, you can also go for kisses. You can also use small silver boxes to make them look more elegant.

4. Baby socks are cute for baby showers and you can fill them with mint candies. Just tie the open end of the socks with a ribbon and you have yourself a cute favor for everyone. For other events, you can just use organza bags instead.

5. Scented candles may be a common item but they have never lost their charm. You can have two different colors of these candles for the male and female guests. You can add more style by placing each in small teacups for a nice classic touch.

6. Personalized key chains with a touch of your artistry and creativity will be very much appreciated. They can have it with them at all times wherever they go and you will always be remembered.

7. Signature pens can also be personalized. In fact, you can find service booths inside department stores that offer customization of these pens. Theyíre elegant, formal and of course, useful.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, there are lots of other gift ideas you can use for special occasions. If you want to make them extra special, youíll just have to be creative and imaginative. Your favors can either be personalized or not, itís really up to you. But in most cases, personalized gifts are more admired. Besides, you want your guests to enjoy the moment with you and remember it through your favors.

Jamie Highland is a writer dedicated to sharing ideas about special occasions like baby showers. To get more pointers or to see some personalized baby shower favors or some baptism favors, go to My Baby Shower Favors. Note: You can reprint this article in your ezine, blog, or website as long as the credits remain intact and hyperlinks remain active.

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