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Whatever chance the iPhone 5 had of visiting a release date in June to the heels on the white apple iphone 4g, those odds just went up in smoke - literally - in an unfortunate explosion and fire in the factory where Apple has its own iOS devices manufactured. As a result, ipad 2 keyboard cases inventory is expected to just as before go into default demand after Apple initially struggled to maintain up following the March launch coupled with just recently mixed up so much that an iPad 2 would ship to some customer 2 weeks or so after it had been ordered. But while the exact have an effect on ipad 2 keyboard availability remains to be noticed, this should put to bed the fantasy that saw Apple somehow introducing the iPhone 5 merely a five to six weeks after first shipping the white iphone. Lacking any reports about iPhone 5 manufacturing being underway at such facilities (this kind of news always leaks) already got clear that Apple wasn't gonna attempt the PR-suicide stunt of ending the iphone4 era every thirty days and a half after it launched a new iPhone 4 model. But whether or not Apple were intending to secretly launch the iPhone 5 in June, those plans would definitely need to be scuttled following your factory damage.

Regardless of anything else, those who've been patiently waiting hope a soon-arriving iPhone 5 will be capable of erase any doubt and weigh their actual options: buy an iPhone 4 now or lose time waiting for awhile longer before Apple announces what comes next. The cautious among us will likely still favor to wait another two weeks to find out what Apple does featuring a early June WWDC Keynote. But whether or not there are a surprise iPhone 5 as well as iPhone 4S (no matter what the heck that's said to be) planned for June 6th, Apple couldn't survive capable of ramp up from zero inventory at this stage at some point for a real launch; it has a challenging plenty of time maintaing inventory amount already-shipping iphone and ipad 2 keyboard dock. Our revised advice: if you have been meaning to gain an iPad 2 but haven't gotten around going without running shoes yet, hurry before they suddenly get harder to uncover for awhile. And our iPhone buying advice hasn't changed: the arrival from the white new iphone 4 meant it was clear how the iPhone 5 won't come until late summer or fall, and although either choices are defensible, it is difficult to question a person to wait for a phone whose release isn't known past the proven fact that it may not be soon, and whose features have a now still a blank slate. Here's on the iPhone 5.

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