I Have An IPhone App Dream

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Mobile apps are expensive. Not to the end user of course, they're usually anywhere from $.99 to $9.99. What I'm, referring to is the cost to create an app. The everyday talk about apps is just that, talk. Because of the misconception about apps, people tend to think they are as inexpensive to create as they are to buy. On the contrary creation of a mobile app can be a very expensive proposition, they can run in cost far more than a comparable web site.

So what's the big deal anyway?

App creation is relatively new so there is a lot of guess work not only in the technical department but also in the marketing arena. You see here again, marketing and technology must join forces to find common ground and being new this can be a daunting task which would naturally raise the cost. Ultimately the app has to be accepted by the end user, he is the final judge if the cost outlay was worth the effort.

Up until now apps have been created and used for a single purpose and for one user; none have been created with a community focus. One that comes to mind is a new iPhone app that when the phone is pressed to the chest it takes a legitimate EKG that can be sent immediately to the doctor's office or hospital. Other apps for less vital purposes abound but none are dedicated to the marketing community. Stop and think of it, there's strength in numbers. When ordinary people come together for a common goal real action begins to take place.

Apps should and can have a community of 'people coming together,' think about it. Wouldn't it be financially rewarding if marketers could be a part of a community of like minded people, people that promote different and non-competing products or services, each promoting their wares and in turn, promote the app and all others in the process?

This app would be designed to host dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of merchants (both on and off line), each with their own space. Within each slot, each member would upload a description of the product or service, a phone number where the buyer could merely tap to call the seller, a Google map for directions, a video, and links to a website or buy page.

To enhance this further, if I were creating it, it would have free opt-in SMS/MMS messages or texting that the sellers could send out an unlimited number of text with valuable coupons, offers, events etc. to attract all those buyers who statically, keep their mobile phones in purses, briefcases, book bags and on night stands when they're sleeping.

But then I would think that this app would have to have a wide base. It shouldn't be just for iPhones, it should be for all smartphones, Androids, Blackberrys as well as iPads. What a fantastic idea, but ahead of its time, I hear you exclaim.

Yes, you might think this but you must admit it would be a trail blazer, a trend setter for the marketing industry especially in the slowly declining environment that online marketers are experiencing. It would be a great thing to many because it would open doors that have never before been open plus the fact that mobile marketing is fast-becoming the standard of digital marketing even marked to surpass the current and conventional computer business model; this would level the playing field, or even give some a leg up.

If I were a {profound dreamer I would continue to dream on but since I'm a realist I have some good news. There is such an app for all Smartphones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry etc. And it's available right now.

This state-of-the-art app would accommodate all the features I imagined plus more. marketers of all types are now able to band together and create their own ad campaigns and benefit each other without extra work or effort.

Mark Gabel is a corporate consultant and expert at online marketing with books on many subjects pertaining to on as well as off line marketing tactics and practices.
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