I Cannot Wait For The New Episode Of Castle!

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How could our attention be maintained by another new police/detective show? First, Richard Castle is played by the talented Nathan Fillion. At first it's hard to believe that this is the same actorn who portrayed Dr.Pomattor in the 2007 independent film Waitress? Not doubt it is the same person who played Captain Hammer in 'Dr. Horrible's Sing Along'. But this new Phillip Marlowe infuses Castle with the right mixture of wit, mystery, and comedic relief. And female fans will find a lot to appreciate as well. The lead detective, Kate Beckett, is played by the actress Stana Katic. A veteran of supporting roles, Katic now joins Fillion in center stage. Filling out the strong cast Susan Sullivan portray's Castle's mom and Molly C. Quinn plays his daughter Alexis.

Even with such a great group of actors it's the writing that keeps me watching. The pilot was well done by Andrew W. Marlowe, Barry Schindel, David Grae and Charles Murray. I didn't think they could sustain the twist and turns, fascinating crimes, and interaction between the characters for much longer. I have been wrong.

Castle and Beckett are the classic pair who have a relationship filled with sexual tension, the male pushing, the woman keeping him at arms length. Much to her disdain, Castle is given permission to follow Beckett. Although he often gets in the way, speaks out of turn, and manages to be annoying, he also redeems himself. Slowly, Beckett is learning to have faith in Castle, including his risk-taking, and finds herself caring more and more about him. And he has small ways of endearing himself to the staff, such as buying them a very upscale coffee machine.

Castle's mom and daughter are both full of contrasting elements. His mother is childish and only out for herself, and should be closely monitored The daughter is mature beyond her years, a great support to her dad, and keeps her grandmother in check. Castle is a dedicated dad who frets without reason (so far) for Alexis. As Castle's daughter Alexis, Molly C. Quinn has the best acting abilities on the program. Expect to see Molly for years to come.

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