I am not alone; the youth of the state are with me: Rahul Gandhi

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10th April 2007
"I am not alone; the youth of the state are with me. And we will together work for the development of the state. I want to tell my opponents that I am here to stay and am not going anywhere. I, along with, the youth of the state will drive the divisive forces away from the state", said Rahul Gandhi speaking at a public meeting at Sasni.

"I also want to assure you that am not here merely for the elections. But I have come with a long-term plan and will be here even after the elections. You will come to know this after the elections. We will work together and take Uttar Pradesh to the same heights where it was 15 years ago", said

Speaking at Sasni, Mr Gandhi once again came down heavily on the state administration and said that the citizens of Uttar Pradesh were not even getting the basic amenities that a state provides to its citizens. He called on the people to throw away such a government from the state and vote for the Congress Party.

He once again called on the youth of the state to join hands to throw away the divisive forces from the state. "In the last fifteen years the citizens of Uttar Pradesh have been cheated by the consecutive governments and divided on the lines of caste and religion by several political parties. It's high time we changed our way of thinking and change the situation. This can be done by the youth of the state. They need to take responsibility and lead from the front and I am with them", said he.

"He is the only leader who is talking about development. His focus is on development, which none of the others are aiming at", said Ashok, who hails from Kajrath.

Before reaching Sasni, Mr Gandhi also visited Barauli and Iglas where he was received by enthusiastic crowds who were waiting for him in the scorching Sun.

He is also scheduled to visit Sadabad and Moradnagar for public meetings.
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