Hydrogen fuel is the ultimate alternative for a clean and green planet!

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Energy independence should be our planetary goal. I believe we all should continue the research regarding the other power sources that are suitable for us in this century.

Basically, the alternative for fossil fuels is to use one hundred percent hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel tanks can be installed on automobiles in a massive way. Hydrogen fuel cars are among the best and latest ways to improve gas mileage and acquire more mpg. Unlike hybrid or green cars, the hydrogen fuel cars offer higher performance regarding the emissions of pollutants which by the way is zero and the substance eliminated from the cars is water vapors. Beside that, the use of the hydrogen powered cars reduces the fuel consumption, saves money, fossil fuel for the next generations and it protects the environment, which is the ultimate goal.

After a car has been converted into a hydrogen fuel car you can get gas mileage improvements of between 35 and 50 percent. Those are some other advantages that your hydrogen fuel car would offer include: Firstly you will own a smoother car with performance due to the cleaner fuel burn improved technique. Secondly, the running life of the engine gets extended due to the lower temperature compared to the extreme temperature of a regular engine that burns gasoline. This also cuts down the expenditure of repairs, mechanics bills and car tax rates for polluting cars.

Don Bongaards solution is hydrogen and clearly, the greatest advantage of a hydrogen car is the increase in miles per gallon which is remarkable. This is a less expensive alternative comparing to a hybrid car technology which also contributes to fuel efficiency. The HOH generator is the device which separates oxygen molecules from hydrogen so that hydrogen can be used to fuel a car.

It is well known that water is available almost worldwide, only some countries have difficulties considering this aspect so hydrogen can be used as fuel almost everywhere. Hydrogen is a light element, the weight of the hydrogen fuel is considerably lower and it has no smell. Electrolysis is a procedure that transforms water into separated two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen so that the hydrogen molecules can be used as fuel to the car. Of course, hydrogen is less expensive than gas or diesel, this should make it more popular in the next few years. The US government and other governments also encourage hydrogen fuel use by offering tax rebates for hybrid or hydrogen cars which is another advantage. Some of the advantages of hydrogen fuel usage are the energy conservation, ecological purposes. The hydrogen alternative also removes oil dependence!

A Sense of Urgency is a book written by Don Bongaards and it contains more useful information about the hydrogen fuel alternative and the critical situation which describes best this century. With a constant search for alternative sources of energy due to the increasing price of oil and also that the oil reserves are not permanent and protecting the existing fossil fuel reserves is also our duty for next generations. We all need to encourage this environmental alternative for a less polluted planet, for healthier lives, for global warming prevention, for the technology improvement, for lower costs and for many other important reasons.

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