Hybrid Apps Will Rule Over Enterprise App Stores

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Various studies have revealed that the rising trend of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will force enterprises to think about hybrid HTML5 apps in the future. They also reveal how this trend will continue to be a better news for Apple than it if for Microsoft.

Research firm Gartner recently conducted a study and revealed that at present, enterprises are experiencing tremendous pressure from management and employees to deploy mobile apps that not only help increase productivity but also improve customer engagement with the company. This is why, Gartner feels that larger companies will increasingly divert their attention towards hybrid apps as they offer device interoperability through HTML5 as well as various native features such as the ability to access location and bring up a notification system. Gartner further predicts that half of enterprise apps deployed in the world will be converted into hybrid apps by 2016. Moreover, companies will look to cash more and more benefits of the BYOD culture for supporting as many operating systems as possible. Gartner predicts this seeing the rising trend of BYOD. Enterprises have started looking for solutions that can support multiple platforms, especially as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend accelerates further.

Gartner Vice President and a well-known analyst Mr. Van Baker say that to prepare for the future, business owners should assume that they would have to manage a huge and diversified set of mobile applications spanning across all major architectures. Enterprises should plan to develop native, hybrid web based apps from the same code base as it will not only save time but also save money that would be levied upon developing new apps altogether.

Further Gartner's report predicts that enterprises will prefer Apple smart devices more, and by 2014, this company will achieve the status of what Microsoft has at present. The devices made by Apple will not only be most preferred by the employees but also will be most recommended by head of IT departments of various enterprises. According to Gartner, this will be the end of competition going on between Android and Apple, as Apple will hold the market tightly by the courtesy of IT consumerization. This company already holds control over the preferences of business owners in the smart devices sector leaving Microsoft far behind but, Apple's Mac PC and laptops are still considered as strangers by business owners. There preferences are still confined to Microsoft when it comes to selecting corporate desktops and laptops. Apple will continue to avail the benefits of IT sector consumerization in the future and evolve Mac to generate more features of iOS. This will increase the confidence of enterprises in accepting Mac PCs and desktops.

Further Gartner's report says that Windows mobile phones and Windows 8 will not catch the response, they will be expecting in the future. However, Gartner is quite optimistic about the fact that both these platforms will gain a modest amount of acceptance in the future. Gartner reveals that the traction gained by the Microsoft will be solely because of its close ties with the enterprises whereas; Apple's success will purely be the result of consumer demands.


The result of this report very obviously reveals that the future is not going be same as the present. Enterprises will have to think differently while devising their future strategies. They will have to concentrate more towards hybrid mobile apps and exercise them differently to get maximum benefits out of them.

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