Hungry Doctor Fishes

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Now in Europe, china, Japan and turkey the doctor fish spa is gaining more importance. The so-called fish spa treatment first came into view in turkey where people suffered from Psoriasis a dreadful skin disease. The doctor fish named Garra Rufa love to eat these dead skins. So they were chosen as best doctor for this treatment. So when the patients dip their limbs in the water, an army of doctor fishes march towards the limbs and starts eating the dead skins leaving the healthy ones to grow.

These doctor fishes are found in Northern and central Middle East river basins. And now they are artificially bred in pools especially for the spa treatment. The fishes are also called as Chin chin Yu, Turkey fish, and nibble fish.

The doctor fish can survive in 43 degree Celsius water. This is the main reason they are mainly used in spa centers. And in the spa centers the fishes are not fed so when the clients dip their limbs in the puddle, it would be real treat to them.

The doctor fishes fed only on the dead skins and they leave the healthy skins unscathed to heal and restructure. The fish spa treatment is said to be pain free, leaving the clients with a pleasurable itchy feeling.

The specialists say that fish spa treatment is not a cure for Psoriasis since the disease is subjective to many external factors. But still they see some patients who have been successful in healing their diseases after several sessions of treatments.

So for the past few years the fish spa has been established in china, Malaysia, Japan, Korea and in Singapore. Since we all know that skin exfoliation is a very powerful treatment that should done under the supervision of a skin specialist because of the strong chemicals used. But now with the doctor fish spa we can say goodbye to our old skins and get a pretty healthy skin.

If you are anxious about a fish biting your skin, do not feel for it. Those who have taken a visit to the doctor spa say that the fish biting is mostly sensitive.

The experts say that there is also little risk of infection in this spa treatment. So the clients/patients have to bring their own towels and slippers. And in the centre during the treatment they have to sit maintaining a distance from each other.

And in the spa centers that offer doctor fish spa treatment they follow a clean and tidy process. They change the pool waters once a day. And every hour at least 10% of the old water is pumper out and fresh water is pumped in.

They also treat the water with 2000W UV rays sterilization to destroy organisms like virus and bacteria. An ozone treatment is in charge of breaking any blood, urea and sweat to oxygen and natural water. And to filter the big particles like fish food and waste they use a sand filter.

And the spa centers have a separate tank/pool for the publics and a separate one for psoriasis patients.

The fish spa treatment can be taken regularly. You can visit the spa once in two weeks and attend the session that last from 30 to 60 minutes.

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