Hungarian Lecso - Mixed Pepper Stew With Hungarian Sausage and Rice (Lecso Kolbaszal)

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Eliminate the leading pan and sheet of parchment. Brush pastry with egg wash and return to oven for anther eight-10 minutes, right up until golden brown in colour. Make it possible for to cool. This substantial sheet will be cut into ? for eight large squares.

Vanilla Custard Cream - Separate three eggs and set yolks aside. Beat egg whites until eventually they are stiff but not dry. Dissolve the gelatine in the 3 tbsp h2o. Carry the ? cup water to a boil and dissolve the softened gelatine in the boiling drinking water. Cool by setting the pan in an ice-drinking water bath until finally the gelatine is syrupy.

Whip the hefty cream, incorporating the pinch of salt and the sugar. Fold in the egg whites. Include cooled, syrupy gelatine and fold in with the spatula, distributing the gelatine during the combination and chill before utilizing.

Hint:This Vanilla Custard recipe without the gelatine can be utilised for Hungarian Cream Puffs, Varga B?les and other Hungarian desserts.

Notice: The Hungarian favorite topping is only powdered sugar.

Pastry Assembly - Put 1 huge rectangular sheet of puff pastry onto a cookie sheet. Pile the custard cream combination evening onto the sheet about 2-3 inches thick. Site in the freezer to chill until eventually firm. With a wet, sharp knife, minimize the filling and bottom pastry into serving-sized items. Cut the other baked pastry sheet into pieces of the precise same dimension and site these pieces on top rated of the pre-lower filling/pastry layer. Refrigerate for at least one hour. Dust with confectioner's sugar, just ahead of serving.

An unforgettable delight!

Hungarian Xmas Angels' Wings Fried Cookies

Csoroge - Hungarian Title

Hungarian Csoroge or Angel's Wings, are these common sweet and wonderfully crispy dough cookies that has been shaped into thin twisted ribbons or bows, deep-fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar and built throughout Xmas, Easter, family members celebrations and of program, weddings. They look so lovely when piled significant in a pyramid on a lower crystal platter. It leaves traces of powdered sugar on your upper lip and sometimes on the suggestion of your nose. Approach: In a medium saucepan, warmth oil and saute rice in oil/butter for a couple of minutes - stirring - right up until translucent. Add salt, drinking water stirring to blend. Bring to rolling boil, then cover and reduce warmth to a sluggish simmer for 15-20 minutes. DO NOT STIR THE RICE! When the rice is performed, eliminate the pot from the heat and use a fork to separate rice kernels into fluffy mounds ahead of serving. Be aware: Jasmine rice is by far the most wonderful for side dishes to main dishes. Excellent rice every single time!


  • one pair Hungarian Sausage (Kolbasz)

  • 1/two cup h2o

System: Take 1 pair of Hungarian Sausage (Kolbasz) and slice it on the "diagonal" - the visual result is necessary. You can include the slices proper into the pepper stew and let it stew collectively if it's not too dry. Other sausage variations like Debrecen are suitable, but the drier ones, like the Gyulai sausage are exceptionally delicious. Be aware: if the sausage is too dry - stew beforehand in one/2 cup water in a shallow saucepan for 10-15 minutes ahead of adding it to the peppers. (Include the two stewing liquid and sausage to the peppers).

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