Humble Asian Arts

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Asian art cannot be underestimated in wherever angle you look at it. Just by considering wall paintings alone, one can notice that art belonging from this heavy-cultural continent is not just merely streaks of brush strokes or some squares that are piled up from one top of another. And yes, these impressive creations belong to creative artists coming from the humble part of the globe.

When others grab for concept to paint, artists from Asia just need to look back. From each of the diverse cultures, a gallery can already have a display of thousands or more of artworks coming from a fragment of cultural history of one Asian country alone. And in many parts of Asia, despite modernization, people are still attached to their tradition, history, and culture. And none of the many reasons that are available can dispute the fact that faith and religion had been the greatest contributing factor that shapes oneís culture; in which each religion as we know has its own history. Subjects to paint that revolve around faith and religion seems limitless already. This is the reason why wall paintings of Asian art are identifiable when it comes to their origin even in the absence of information about the creators themselves.

On top of that, we can even wonder if such culture or faith and religion had blessed the people with a unique hand to paint, not to mention that what is present in all artists is an unfathomable creative mind. But what makes it noteworthy is many of them grew up in poverty. Some are even below poverty line where the rest have lived as normal as per the standard of average lifestyle of the third world which is far below from what is deemed ordinary of the more fortunate ones. We do not know what gives their hands the strength if it is daily challenges for survival that inspire them to paint or that make their hands withstand a laborious task. But whatever it is, surely their artworks are impressiveóof whether they come from the Philippines, India, Indonesia or Vietnam, etc.

Generally speaking, when these artists are asked with regards to who inspire them to paint most of them have the habit of mentioning renowned artists from the west or from somewhere where financial stress is less as compared to where they belong. Just as what it has been told, these fine artists came from the humble part of the globe and rarely see that their works are far superior from that of the ones they herald. They are not well aware of the fact that a unique talent stands out in heavenís perfect timing even without financial background to back up.

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