Hulu Subscription Service And Why It Can Be a Success

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The Comcast TV Everywhere concept finally becomes available nationwide. They even thought to rename it just as everyone has got used to the old name, and the million dollar marketing came up with…… ‘Xfinity'. Actually the full name is ‘Fancast Xfinity TV'. Oh well, you cant get everything right. The TV Everywhere concept has now come out of Beta and been made available nationally.

Watch TV On Demand With Xfinity
You do need to be a subscriber of both internet and cable TV subscriptions, and need to download a software plugin that allows use on 3 computers for every account. Viewers neednt be at home to activate their computers for viewing, just supply a valid login and you can view TV pretty much anywhere that has browser capabilities within the US. There is around 2000 hours of streaming content online including HBO and Starz restricted items, and also some HDTV content. You can view the complete list on

For all existing subscribers that fall into the correct category, its a great deal. Watch premium TV shows and movies content from HBO, Cinemax amongst others anywhere you happen to be. Although what possessed Comcast to change the perfectly good and appropriate product name TV Everywhere and rename it to something long, unremarkable, and impossible to remember.

Hulu has struck fear into the hearts of free tv lovers by hinting to the fact that it will become a subscription based model next year. Hulu is without doubt, the biggest tv streaming site in the world showing 5 billion minutes of content to 40 million visitors each month.
The likelihood is that Hulu will show certain content free, whilst saving the good stuff for subscribers. But how can that work? They need to clarify to users the difference between free and subscription services; detailing precisely the benefits of being a paid subscriber of Hulu and why it is a beneficial service to have. The subscription service needs to have content in a short time frame from when it airs, preferable a duration of an hour to two from the airing of the show. This effectively combats or matches TiVo service & Apple TV, but trumps TiVo & Apple TV with the ability to watch the shows anywhere through the web. The ability to have immediate access to such contents at any location provides added service that few providers as such can attain. For the free service, set shows will be available either at a later time or date.

Can Hulu Work As Pay To View?
The streams should all be streamed in High Definition, as this is now expected and becoming the industry standard with the minimum resolution of 720p. The user experience and interface for subscribers most be simple, easy to navigate and highly customizable. The user mindset should be one that Hulu is their TV on the go wherever they are. Also the use of social networking is important in creating an online community and using existing communities such as Facebook and twitter. Having subscribers add their twitter and Facebook to their Hulu account, this affords the subscriber the ability to share their Hulu content through clips to friend and family on Facebook and Twitter. This is a great inexpensive means of advertising for Hulu, not just as a web video streaming site but as an online TV site that can be consider the true and proper evolution of TiVo and DVR. Where you are not bound by the set-top box, "if there internet, there's Hulu, there's TV. Whether you are on business in Japan, on vacation in the Bahamas or in South America, as long as I have an internet and my Hulu subscription I have my TV, just the way I like it with the shows I want to watch and movies available on the go.
Hulu should also be available wherever you are, so this means mobile phones and devices. already does this with mobile apps on Android and the Iphone. Allowing its' users view certain shows and watch clips of others on their mobile devices. Hulu can use apps in creating an extended user experience that is part of the Hulu viewing package. Allowing users download a free Hulu app from every major app store (Android Market place, Apple app store, Palm OS, Windows Market place, Ovi store, Zune Market place & Rim), that allows the users to log on to their Hulu subscription service, view shows from their mobile devices, Select new programming to watch and share clips with friends on other mobile devices. This will help Hulu become a TV everywhere concept.
Although it will be difficult to convince viewers to start paying, if Hulu roll out a bunch of new additions and improvments. It may be easier to swallow.

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