Hulu Launch First Run Straight To The Web Movie – In The Darkness

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You know when a movie is considered a bit of a turkey, it goes straight to DVD. Well how about straight to the internet! In fact the new move by Hulu cuts out cinemas, dvd, tv. The lot and sends the movie straight to the internet.

Straight to Hulu movies
The movie In the Darkness marks the first direct-to-Hulu release. Released by Mattoid Entertainment who are focused on first run content for the internet, the movie is a 59 minute thriller available to watch free online. It marks the first feature-length film to premiere exclusively on Hulu.
In The Darkness follows the disappearance and rescue mission of two young boys who disappeared without trace in a fire-ravaged mountain range. That sounds like a good plot already
Mattoid co-founder and "Darkness" scribe and helmer Andrew Robinson said cost considerations as well as the chance for greater exposure led to his decision to stream using Hulu after taking a more traditional distribution approach for his 2009 pic "April Showers."

He also said:- "Our mission is to distribute and tailor first run content for an online-based release to give viewers the ability to access and experience our content wherever and whenever they want. In the Darkness is the first of many movies that will help position us as a pioneer in this underutilized new medium."
The perception will be of course that anything going straight to the web has got to be pants, time and viewer numbers will tell.

The new phone apps for watching tv from the BBC have been delayed after its governing body, the BBC Trust said they needed to ‘review' the proposal. The move was driven by rivals who say that the free tv apps would prevent them offering paid services and apps of their own on mobiles phones.

You may have to wait a little longer for BBC tv apps
When the proposals were unveiled back in February, the BBC argued that the new mobile content offerings were an extension of existing services and are "plainly not a new content service and therefore doesn't need to tbe regulated as such".

The TV apps were due to launch within the next month, starting with a BBC News app, and sports to follow in time for thesoccer World Cup finals in the summer. They also plan an app for its iPlayer catch-up TV service.
A spokesperson for the BBC Trust told the Guardian that "representations from the industry" spurred its review, which will focus on the financial implications and impact of the new apps on the BBC and its rivals.
The delay is no big deal though as most phone users already have access the BBC's iPlayer and other tv streams using the mobile phone web browser, these delays are just for the dedicated apps so will not affect our phone viewing pleasure too much.

Whilst Lady Gaga is loving her Youtube videos after hitting a billion views, Pop star rival Beyonce's fans just see a blocked page on her official Youtube channel, as her videos have been taken down by Sony Music Entertainment on ‘copyright grounds'. Meaning a lack of being able to watch and listen to her hits such as Halo.

Sony take down Beyonce videos
Sony's action follows a copyright infringement issue involving Beyonce's label, though it hasn't issued any official statement on the video blockage.
Instead of the expected bopping videos, viewers get the message directly from the company reading, "This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." Sony has not issued any official word on the reasons for the blockage.
Sony's video clampdown is thought to be the first time a music company has blocked access to one of its own acts. Lets just hope the Gaga management downt get any similar ideas.

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