Hugh Jackman Reprises The Role As Wolverine That Made Him A Superstar.

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Hugh Jackman's instincts are spot on to get in early and make the most of his screen capital created with the Wolverine character almost a decade ago. As producer as well as star Jackman is able to steer the project to his liking and the result is a superbly cast film with attention to detail, concern for character and the odd touch of dry humour. Leading up to the events of X-Men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine tells the story of Wolverines violent and romantic past, his relationship with his brother Victor Creed.

Logan, of course has retractable claws. Victor has more of a taste for this kind of mercenary work than does his brother so, after a particularly unpleasant mission Logan quits the business and takes up working as a logger in his native Canada and living with Kayla Silverfox (Lynn Collins). Logan is a teenage rebel with a real good reason for having a real bad attitude. Ever since being left in a nearby forest with no memory of who he was or how he got there Logan has been stuck in a martial arts school in the icy wilds of Canada.

At one point Logan returns to Canada to play at being a simple, hardy lumberjack. He has a nice girlfriend, Kayla Silverfox, and everything seems to be fine, although sometime after a nightmare, he awakens with erect claws instead of morning wood. Jackman, of course plays Wolverine a mutant born in the mid-19th century whose super healing power has kept him alive in spite of repeated bullets to the chest and some chlamydia. Victor has the same healing powers, but he is taller. Jackman has little in common with his on-screen alter ego.

One point in the movie Victor begins by killing his lady friend Kayla Silverfox, which sends the sniveling Wolverine running back into the arms of Stryker. The bad Army man offers Logan a chance at something special: an adamantium skeleton that will make him indestructible.

Jackman does physically look like Logan, and he gets the idea of Wolverine. Jackman once again did a great job as Wolverine and honestly I could not imagine anyone else in the role. The fight with Gambit left something to be desired, but it was great to finally see him in an X-Men film. Jackman as Wolverine hasn't changed one bit as the script gives him very little to do other than snarl and throw his claws around. Like The Last Stand this film introduces a fleet of additional mutants and injects them into the storyline admittedly better than in X3 but they are nothing more than a secondary plot.

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