HTC U1000 PDA Mobile

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The HTC U1000 is something that makes you marvel at the wonders technology is making these days. It is also a phone for people who like all things miniature-for example, a miniature laptop. It is a PDA with all the features of a top end notebook compressed in a compact form of design so that its primary function-that of being a mobile phone is not forgotten!

Notebook or Phone
You take one look at the HTC U1000 PDA Mobile and you will start wondering if it is a notebook or a mobile phone. The phone not just has a full QWERTY keypad but also a large swivel touch screen that adjusts on the keypad to look absolutely like a notebook. What increases its comparison to a laptop is also the fact that unlike other PDAs with a similar design, the U1000 has comparatively much broader dimensions to imitate the looks of a proper notebook.

So, when you are working on the PDA as a substitute for your notebook, it's awesome. A small, mini laptop that you can carry everywhere just comfortably in the palm of one hand with a user friendly keypad and an easy to use touch screen can be an ideal travel mate. The problem comes when you have to use it as a proper mobile phone. Its large dimensions and bulky body make it rather uncomfortable to be held to your ear with one hand and look more like talking through a small, thick book. However, here is where technology steps in. Who, in God's good name is asking you to use the phone like a normal mobile? For one, it is NOT a normal mobile.

So for your HTC U1000 PDA mobile, you get smart and use a set of Bluetooth set when you want to talk through it. It is not only going to be easier, the usage of a Bluetooth set will also eliminate all the phone related problems that this device is being criticized for. That is not all. This phone is also compatible with two types of Bluetooth headsets out of which one is shaped like a wrist watch and the other in a slim bar form. So you really don't have to wear your Bluetooth sets forever on your ears and get exposed to the constant radiations.

High End Advantage
The U1000 PDA Mobile by HTC is also known as the 'Advantage'. What an apt name you would think if you check out the list of awesome features it has to offer. The phone works on the Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Edition and helps you from presentations to Excel sheets to PDF files everything can be managed on this mini notebook.

The HTC U1000 PDA Mobile is also enabled with GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3.5G`HSDPA that make it usable anywhere around the globe. The phone also has some really smart features like quick dialing with which you can pull up all the names starting with a particular alphabet just by pressing the number key for those alphabets. A touch screen further aids in pulling up the name or alternatively the voice dial feature could be used. The phone is also good with multimedia options and has a large extendable memory.

So if you really don't mind the size and are looking for high end pda mobiles, this is really the best one to have.

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