HTC Desire HD Vs HTC wildfire - looks vs the dimensions.

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The two phones have the same configuration but the intensity of the deals is awesome in fact there is lot of difference in the depth of the features of two phones. They are of the same family but they are also having the competition so they have to in any case compete with each other.

Starting from the HTC desire HD at on side that is big @ 4.3 inches screen that is touch with Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, HTC Sense UI and Multi-touch input method. At the same time the HTC wildfire is of 3.2 inches screen that is also touch screen but the features in this are Multi-touch input method, Accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate, Touch-sensitive controls, Proximity sensor for auto turn-off, Optical trackpad, HTC Sense UI and Turn-to-mute and lift-to-dim-out a call. So if one thing is less the other is there to compensate it for you.

Then taking up the HTC desire HD deals they are at a spin as the mobile phone deals of HTC wildfire as the two are based over the popularity and love of the users but the HTC wildfire deals are at the top in the free gifts deals as mostly all the contract deals have a free laptop or a play station free with them. The other major difference is in the camera as the camera of desire HD is of 8 mega pixel and the camera of wildfire is 5 mega pixel this little difference has not yet made a lot of gap in the fame of the two phones as they are going well at an equal level.

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