HTC 7 Mozart - Delivering An Impressive Spec List

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When Microsoft launched the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system earlier this year there was a lot of speculation on its ability to compete with the other smartphone operating systems on the market. This version of Windows Mobile does not disappoint. Microsoft partners with Taiwanese-based HTC to produce the HTC 7 Mozart, one of three HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets. The 7 Mozart offers a sleek, contoured design with a handsome matte finish that fits nicely in the hand. What separates this smartphone from all the rest is its exceptional audio and video playback features that really impress.

Overall, the HTC 7 Mozart is a solid smartphone with a 1GHz processor that powers a 3.7-inch S-LCD capacitive touchscreen and offers an 8GB storage capacity. The phone not only provides exceptional video and audio experience but offers a higher powered camera than the other two HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets - eight megapixels versus five. Battery life enables the customer to talk up to eight or nine hours with more than two weeks standby time. As far as the HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets go, the Mozart is smaller in size than its siblings and sits in the middle in terms of price point between the high-end HTC HD 7 and the more affordable HTC Trophy.

The construct of the HTC 7 Mozart phone is as functional as it is handsome. The back end provides an in-built camera lens with a Xenon flash that allows the image capture in lower lighting conditions. On the front of the phone is a grill for the earpiece and buttons on the sides include the volume rocker on the left, the power button and the headphone jack on the top and the camera button on the bottom.

The HTC 7 Mozart is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the out. The Windows Phone 7 OS includes a Start Screen that is designed with a series of Live Tiles that link to various apps. These Tiles supply a constant stream of information and can be arranged by simply dragging the Tiles around according to preference. Customers may also tailor their homepage with as many apps as they like from contacts, music, news – and by simply tapping the settings button, users can change the background colour of the phone.

The phone offers Internet Explorer to browse the web and IE does an exceptional job of quickly loading the entire web page into the 3.7-inch screen which can then be zoomed in and out as appropriate. The phone also has a superior integration with Facebook. Its People function allows you to integrate your contacts from Facebook – as well as keep you updated on your friends’ status reports. The People app also allows you to pull your contacts from all of your email accounts from Windows Live to Gmail.

Setting up email on the HTC 7 Mozart is relatively simple and only requires a username and password for customers using Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and Hotmail. Typing on the phone is a nice experience as the keyboard provides large and evenly spaced characters.

Overall the HTC 7 Mozart is an all-inclusive and dependable smartphone with an exceptional interface that is easy to use. The phone has a superior integration with social media tools – most notably Facebook and its audio and video capabilities are outstanding. General features such as storage and battery life is on par with other top smartphones in the market, making it a great alternative to mainstream handsets.

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