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The HTC Brand came into big notice during 2002 when it attracted wireless giants such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel, O2, Vodafone and Orange by developing Pocket PCs using windows operating system. Followed by this HTC became vigorous in advertising itself by heading various independent campaigns as it started offering its mobile phones.

HTC has been successful in gaining the crown of the superlative producers of Windows Mobile phones. Among the masses its mobile phones are known to hold innovative features and high end utility. Its touch series phones have been making statement that Windows Mobile phones can also be trendy and youthful apart from being heavy weighed work phones targeted to businessmen. The HTC dream is again the path breaking innovation of HTC and is world's first phone with Android operating system. HTC has tightly griped its market position with parameters like high quality communication & business features. With its dedication the company with growing fast and is expected to be one of the top five mobile phone companies.

The latest HTC flavors out in the market are HTC Magician, HTC Wizard, HTC Apache, HTC Touch HTC Touch VIVA, HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch HD and HTC Dream. All of the above phones represent latest cutting edge technology and business packed features. T- mobile G1, best known as the Google phone is a high end phone with 3G network capabilities that operates on Android OS. HTC Touch Diamond is the style phone breaking the traditionally "business phones image" of HTC. It is again a 3G phone with advance communication capabilities. Another such beauty expressing the convergence of style and innovation is HTC Touch HD. It is stunning black cased 3G phone by HTC.

As far as the intense business phones are concerned HTC's biggest rival is Blackberry. After HTC's launch of various high styled touch phone Apple has tightened its belt to be in completion with its iPhone. The company is also soon to lose its monopoly in Android OS mobile phones as Samsung is expected to launch its Android OS phones soon. In the view of bigger fishes existing in the market and new load of mobile phone companies joining in, we with HTC best of luck and hope it keeps up the good work.

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