HP and Dell Inspiron 311 Mini 10v Mini - My Best Netbook Reviews

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Written best netbook reviews is not as easy as it seems mostly because they're all the same specs. Therefore it is very difficult to distinguish. I have several gadgets and tech blogs run on the Internet and among them, netbooks give me a very difficult time. These small computers can be divided into two main categories - those with the lower end just looks and sexy looking for higher end Netbooks. Noticeable is that performance is largely the same and so you pay more for looks. I've reviewed a lot of netbooks in my lab and I write about a few here.

Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook 10v - I chose this netbook to be on top of my list because of the chassis. It's as good as that found on more expensive products from Dell and the price is the same. It looks very attractive and you will certainly attract a lot of second looks when you work at the local coffee shop. The performance is as good as the competition. Dell is known for tons of configuration options for their products, but I have not much available on the Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook 10v. This will disappoint if you want to go for some high-end specs. I will still recommend the Dell Inspiron Mini Netbook 10v the opportunities it offers for its low price tag.

HP Mini 311 netbook - HP Mini 311 netbook comes with an N-vidia graphics card for playing basic games. The performance is nothing spectacular, but you can still get a few laps, wow while waiting for a friend at a local airport. The display is high definition. The best part about it is that HP does not pay a lot of money for the graphics. But I was irritated by the touchpad of the notebook, it was not as comfortable as that on other netbooks. If you purchase this product, I would recommend you use an external mouse. Ion Nvidia graphics do not improve Flash video streaming performance. There are a lot of hiccups. There are color options for the lid which the HP Mini 311 netbook seem very nice, but HP charges $ 20 extra for them. This is just annoying. I found the high-definition display images on the Ion and the Netbook. Check it out if you're gaming with basic fundamental work like.

These two are the best netbook reviews I ever wrote, because I spent much time testing them. Each function was thoroughly checked before going to write the review. I paid special attention to the keyboard, because many people want to know about the quality of keyboards in netbooks. The size of these computers is very small, so I advise people to check the keyboard before buying them when you start typing a piece.

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