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Collecting challenge coins has become a popular hobby of many americans. Coins are extremely popular among members of the military, as well as civilians. Even kids are getting involved in collecting coins.

Choosing which types of custom coins to collect can be a challenge. Perhaps you're most interested in Navy coins, or Marine Coins, maybe even Police challenge coins. You can collect a wide range of coin types, but organizing your collection by type is essential to having a worthy collection. Some coins have greater detail than others, while certain coins were used by elite segments of the military.

Challenge coins can be found in a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes. There are a wide range of challenge coins out there, many depict and represent specific military establishments. Some coins are used by military officers to prove rank, or to trade amongst groups. Challenge coins, while most frequently traded, can also be very valuable. Rare coins can fetch hundreds of dollars in some cases, depending on their perceived value, and rarity.

Many coin collectors share their collections with others over the internet, and even at conventions specifically held for coin collectors. Many war veterans have coin collections, displaying the challenge coins they received during their service, and they are very proud of their collections. Some noteworthy coin collections can be seen for sale on the internet, through sites such as eBay, where millions of people can see and appreciate the coin collections of others.

Challenge coins symbolize the values of your organization. The badge imprinted on the coin should have a theme that best portrays the hard work and honor that your organization is known for. Slogans and mascots can also be great ideas to include on your coins, as they represent the attitude and individuality of your organization. A unique challenge coin should promote pride and support among the members of the group. It can be a great gift of thanks or a profound symbol for your organization. It is something substantial that your members can dutifully wear to show others the pride they have amongst themselves belonging to the same special group.

There is a lot of information on the internet about collecting coins, use this valuable resource to improve your knowledge, as well as research the types of coins you're looking for, or find a trader or buyer for your latest valuable coin. There are coin collecting websites and networks on social sites like facebook, and others.

Coin collectors have a vast range of display options, including coin display cases, coin stones, coin holders, velvet boxes, and more. How your coin collection is displayed can be just as important as your coins themselves. Many collectors have angled shelves in their homes, displaying the coins at an angle so that they are easily seen, and can be handled. Some collectors have books that their military challenge coins are stored in, so that they can be easily transported and proudly displayed.

Coins are a great way to get into collecting, and can lead to making friends with similar interests, which is always great!

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