How Your Photography Studio Can Increase Business

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Photographers are often great artists and mediocre business people. Marketing can be a daunting challenge for the independent photographer. One great way to take some of the expense and challenge out of generating new clients is to ensure that you are maximizing the photography opportunities with existing clients. Once you've built a relationship with a client, they are more likely to use you for their future photography needs. It is important to spend the time to maintain a relationship with your existing clients, so that when the time comes, they think of you. Also, by adding new lines of service, you can give your clients ideas of new photo sessions that they might not have otherwise planned. It all comes down to examining your business and seeing if there are opportunities for growth into other sectors of the photography industry that would be a good fit for the needs of your existing client base. One great opportunity for expansion is into the boudoir photography market.

Boudoir photography, consisting generally of tasteful suggestive or sensual photos, is a natural addition to the services offered by any good portrait photographer. Boudoir or glamour photography is a quickly growing sector of the photography market. Adding a new line of boudoir photography shoots is a great tool for expansion, because due to the personal nature of the photos, a client is more likely to choose a photographer with whom they are already comfortable. You can market directly to your existing clients; such as a pre-Valentine's Day announcement to your brides from the previous year about your boudoir photo sessions. Another trend in boudoir clients is moms who are ready to be seen as a sexy woman again; have any family portrait clients you think fit this description? Discreetly advertise your other lines of photography portrait sessions to them.

Boudoir portraits sessions are often done with the intention of creating a gift for a significant other; keep track of not only your client's birthday, but that of their significant other, make note of anniversaries as well (this should be easy if you were the wedding photographer!) If you aren't already, you should keep a client list with all of their pertinent information. Even a simple spreadsheet is sufficient, and then schedule one day of the month to review events and milestones that your clients have upcoming; make sure to look far enough ahead to leave ample time to contact the clients, schedule sessions, and edit and print your photos. Your ideal timeframe may be as much as three or four months before an event that you have marked as "upcoming" on your calendar.

Keeping your clients coming back for more cuts down on your marketing costs, the time spent getting to know the clients, and the time spent explaining your services and how your portrait sessions work. You just have to use a little bit of creativity to find ways to keep your clients engaged, and your repeat business will soar. Remember, clients who feel that they have a great relationship with their photographer are more likely to give out referrals for your business!


Sam consults with photographers to increase efficiency and maximize profits by the use of various photography tools; he recommends using online boudoir photo galleries.

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