How You Can Conserve Water

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We all know that we must conserve water because it is our most precious resource. But how many people actually do their part to save water on an everyday basis? There are many ways to conserve water in our everyday lives. It is important to remember that every drop counts and every effort you make will help in the long run.

One of the goals of water conservation is to ensure adequate availability of water for the coming generations. Our daily use of water is greater than the rate at which nature replenishes it. If this continues, then there will soon be several places on Earth that will be deprived of sufficient water supply. So, we must reduce our rate of water usage.

Another goal of water conservation is conserving energy. The amount of electricity used for water management in some places of the world is massive. So, every measure we take to conserve water will automatically save energy as well.

Here are just a few tips that everyone can begin doing right away to preserve this precious resource:

One place we all probably use too much water is in the shower. There are a few things you can do to reduce this water waist immediately.
1) Time your showers as you take them now. You may not believe how long you actually spend. When you take a shower take care of your needs quickly.
2) You can place a bucket under the shower, which will store the excess water from the shower. Use this to water your plants.
3) The best and easiest way to reduce water consumption in the shower is to switch to an ultra-low flow showerhead. This would save you quite a few gallons of water every minute.

Do not keep the water running while you are brushing your teeth or shaving. This is one of the most basic water conservation tips. Use a mug or something to rinse your toothbrush or razor. In this way, you can save 3 gallons of water a day.

Be aware of any leaks or crevices around your toilets which may be causing a great wastage of water every day. Put some food coloring in the tank and if you see color appearing in the bowl without flushing, then it's time that you must get the leak repaired. If you do, you can save 400 gallons a month.

In the kitchen, make sure you load your dishes and laundry to the fullest.

Wash vegetables in a filled sink or vessel, instead of washing them under the faucet. Defrost frozen food items in the microwave and save that amount of running water which you would have used otherwise.

Outdoors, watering plants during the cooler parts of the day, such as in the early morning hours or evening is advised because the rate of evaporation is less and water loss will be minimalized. Putting chunks of bark, peat moss or gravel around trees and plants also helps slow down evaporation.

Doing these few tips every day will make a huge difference in your personal water use. It is not too late to put conservation measures into practice and encourage others to do the same. Start now by installing the best low-flow showerhead on the market. Check it out at:

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