How Unified Communications is changing the way we Work

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Telecommunication is heart and soul of a business is a professional business phone system is the key to its success. Internet has drastically changed the world around us and has had a huge impact on the way business communication is done. Unified Communication is the buzz word in today’s telecommunication world that has created a revolution in the SMB market by paving the way for tiny and budding business enterprises to benefit from the advanced features and functionalities that were earlier a privilege for the fortune corporate.

Real Time Connectivity

With business communication becoming more and more virtual it is a perfect option to host business communication in the cloud for greater accessibility and cost savings. Enterprises and individuals are deploying one or more means of Unified Communications in their daily life without even realizing that. Unified means of communication is not just an option but a must for business organizations who need a cutting edge business phone system to make a professional impression on clients to accomplish their business goals.

The Hosted PBX Systems or Virtual PBX systems are gaining popularity to streamline business employees by remote user integration in real time. Unified Communications provide real time connectivity among multiple users seamlessly. UC basically integrates real time communication and non real time communication irrespective of the medium used. This enables sending of communication data in one from or media and be received in another form on a single device.

A perfect example of Unified Communication is Voicemail Transcription. This feature converts mp3 voicemail messages into readable text files that can be mailed or messaged to the user in real time. Just like the regular Gmail or Hotmail the user is able to log in to the email account or check his message box anytime he wants to retrieve the message in the form he wants. He can choose to view the voicemail message if he does not want to listen to the mp3 file.

The non real time voicemail is now real time for the user due to greater accessibility regardless of the time and location. Unified Communication makes business communication smooth and efficient. Unnecessary delays can be a stumble in your path to success. The delay in the acknowledgement of an important business transaction or delivery receipt can cause a huge loss to your business. The unified means of communication eliminate those delays to make you pro-active for enhanced performance of the employee and the organization as a whole.

Unified Communications as Efficient means of Business Communication

The introduction of VOIP has taken the world by storm on both the professional and personal front. Voice, data, text, files and images are now integrated as digital data and can be transferred over the web. Thus, the business communication system is strengthened. The Hosted PBX Service Providers are adopting unified communications in their services to deliver better business phone solutions to their clients and empower their business by more number of people on various devices across the globe.

The Hosted PBX feature Unified Communication drives business results while resulting in lower total ownership cost for an economic business phone solution ideally suited for the tiny and growing companies.

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