How to Whiten Your Skins after Sunburn in Summer Holiday

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Recently, a lot of friends go to have beach vacation trip, but they are very concerned about how to return white after sunburn. Many people like to lie on the sand and enjoy the sunshine; however, when they come back, they find their skins have various symptoms of allergy or sunburn. Here I will tell you how to return white from black.

The moderate sun exposure could increase the vitamins in body, which is very beneficial to human body. The point is how to grasp the 72 hours after sunburn to protect your skins.

Step One: Cool down the skins. After exposing to the sunshine, our skins will have redness and fever. What we need to do is to rescue the red skins and cool it down immediately. It is suggested to use minerals or aloe vera spray to lower the temperature of our skins and sooth the sensitive skins after sunburn.

Step Two: Use the home-made emergency mask. Since we are just burned by sunshine, we could not apply too irritant masks. At that time, we could use the moisturizing cosmetic water and mask to do it by ourselves. But remember that the water should not contain any alcohol or whitening elements. The paper mask could be applied for at most five minutes. The gel texture masks could also supplement water the skins timely to relieve the large numbers of epidermal cells death and falling off after sun bask.

The following tips should be remembered: Using repair cream three hours after sunburn could avoid the micro-inflammation situation of skins; coating whitening essence three days later, for the skins are sensitive within the former three days; the sensitive skin is better to choose physical sunscreen products so that not to cause burden to the skins; the skins of eyes and lips are very thin and tender, so they should use the specific sunscreen products; the whole series of whitening skin care products should be applied to achieve the best effect; the neck skins are very fragile, so the sunscreen is very essential.

In fact, people go to travel or even go outdoors in summer are easy to suffer the damage of sunshine. Many people think it is greasy to paint sunscreen milk on the body skins, but they can use physical sunscreen methods, such as sun umbrellas, sunglasses and hats. Protection is very important in the daytime, while maintenance is essential at night. The daily maintenance should also not be ignored.

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