How to wash bed sheets, duvets and towels

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If you can wash duvets, bedding and towels in your washing machine you'll make life a lot easier for yourself, eliminating costly and time consuming trips to the laundrette.
To wash bulky items such as duvets effectively you will need to invest in a large machine. To work out the capacity of your machine follow the guide below:

6kg - a single duvet
7kg - a double duvet
8kg - a king sized duvet

It often helps if you have a programme on your machine dedicated to duvets. A duvet programme is designed to clean large dense loads. If you wish to reduce tangling, a larger drum size can also help as it gives your clothes more space to move around in.

A washing machine duvet cycle is a great addition to any home as duvets are often under washed due to the difficulties in cleaning them. If you stuff a duvet into too small a drum you will damage the machine. It you wash a duvet on an unsuitable cycle it will damage the bedding, which often results in lumpy bedding.

Bed sheets and towels can become breeding grounds for germs and bacteria so they need to be washed thoroughly and regularly. Consider using a higher temperature when you wash bed sheets and towels in order to kill any germs.

The Hotpoint WMD960P washing machine boasts a bed and bath cycle which is designed to wash bulky loads of bedding and towels effectively in just under two hours, with great cleaning performance.
The Hotpoint bed and bath cycle uses more water and a gentle tumble to completely soak the dense fabric, plus an extra rinse and longer spin, to remove all detergent and excess water. It will wash the whole family's bedding at once - so that of two adults and two children.

The Hotpoint WMD960P has a range of useful programmes on top of the usual cycles, including the eco wash function, 30 minute and 60 minute fast washes, silk wash, super wash, time saver and mini load. It also has a child lock which locks the buttons when the programme has started, preventing curious children messing with the settings and upsetting the cycle.

This machine has an energy rating of A which is very environmentally friendly and will help you save on your energy bills. It is also A rated for wash and spin performance, ensuring you get the best cleaning quality from your machine.

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