How to use the palm-sized camcorder

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Currently, video cameras have entered the household, and the vast majority of families are using palm-sized digital camera class (now using professional video cameras often only a professional television or professional advertising company). However, I found that many people in the actual use of the palm-sized, and related equipment selection, there are many problems, now its list them for reference.

Way to hold machine

Many people in the use of palm-sized video camera shooting, often the first to open the LCD screen, and then double-shot handset on their chests. The author believes that this approach will result in shooting film instability. I usually use the palm-sized shot, it will open the LCD screen used to watch at the scene a few seconds. To see whether the color of the display color cast (if the scene was the color cast white balance adjustment should be carried out immediately), the brightness is moderate, then close the LCD screen, and then directly through the camera viewfinder to observe shooting. I believe that the approach taken by the holding unit, stand on his chest with both hands compared to the shooting, at least the following advantages:

1, increased stability
Dual-mode handset in a breast shot, it is difficult to ensure the stability of the captured images, many people (especially those who are not professionally trained) take this way out of the picture, there could be up and down about the case of large jitter , greatly affect the image quality and can be ornamental. The use of video cameras by way of the viewfinder when shooting close to the small eye viewfinder, dual handset is actually the same time, the location of the face adds a strong point, so that shooting can significantly reduce image jitter (of course with the use of a tripod can not be compared.)

2, power
Most of the palm-sized battery with its power stochastic rather limited, even more with a battery (the price a few hundred dollars) as a backup, often not able to meet the needs of the actual shooting, and thus must pay attention when shooting to conserve electricity Otherwise, late to the shooting, the battery runs out, even if the content can only be a very exciting only teeth. And when shooting in the use of palm-sized, such as opening the LCD screen will significantly increase the power consumption, shortening of the recording time.

3, the light is guaranteed to see the image
If you shoot in direct sunlight, the LCD screen will often not see the image details, while observing through the viewfinder shooting this problem does not exist. Of course, if it is using a special camera angles, open the LCD screen to observe the location shooting will certainly become more convenient.

Second, the use of "push", "pull" lens photography should be more consideration to the use of "pull", less "push"

In terms of television and film shooting, in general, using nothing more than the basic shooting techniques given mirror, push, pull, shake, shift, with, several comprehensive sports. Originally, the "push" and "pull" is a movement that corresponds to the lens in two ways, "push" is often prominent in a particular environment, the performance of the main body you want, and "pull" out of the body in a show its surrounding environment in which the surface appears to be no more use "push" shot or multi-use "pull" the lens issue. However, in the following two conditions should be considered multi-use "pull" the lens, use less "push" lens.

1, in the absence of a tripod to film
Deduction in the absence of a tripod cases, when using telephoto, telephoto shot in the Scene of small (near the lens, the close-ups, etc. Scene), the screen will significantly increase the magnitude of jitter, affecting image quality. In this case, the use of "push" lens photography, the image captured with the lens gradually Tuishang Qu, the main area of the screen and gradually increase the share of the whole screen shake will become increasingly large, and even become unacceptable. In the same context, the use of "pull" approach shot, first shot Tuishang Qu main aim, though, there will be significant jitter on, but you can start shooting at the official after seeing the picture be 2 to 3 seconds significantly lower in the case of jitter, then shot back, so that the lens in the post-editing, it can have a relatively good quality of the "pull" of the lens. Of course, when the shooting distance, the "pull" the quality of the lens can not get a better guarantee, then should pay attention to selected pieces from the Scene, and the other option is to close to the subject being photographed.

2, the process should not ignore the AF effect on image quality
Multi-use "pull" the lens less "push" lens, this principle a long time for the auto focus also applies to the palm-sized camcorder. In the use of video cameras filming the "push" lens for a manual focus camera, the case in the time allowed, the normal operating procedures should be taken at the beginning before the first shot off the final push to increase the position, focus on the good, and then pull back, after the official start shooting, then shot Tuishang Qu, this picture taken in focus on the basic guarantee. But if the use of automatic focusing system when shooting, pushing the lens in the use of "push" go after the scene has a generally clear AF fuzzy variable process, this process depending on the model be long or short, the previous This analog video camera auto-focus process may be 2 to 3 seconds, and other digital video camera auto-focusing varying lengths of time, so only time in the AF case of less than 0.5 seconds before the process can ignore the impact of AF, or AF in the process of shooting the image quality should never be ignored. By contrast, the use of "pull" auto focus lens does not exist in this process affected.

Third, the use of a tripod

I wonder if you noticed, the use of palm-sized shot of the people, while the proportion using a tripod is very low. As a professional television and advertising company, in a TV program or ad, are very emphasized the need to make more use of a tripod. In fact, the vast majority of people in most cases, if you do not use a tripod, are difficult to capture high-quality images, after all, the vast majority of people, who shoulder the stability and the stability of the tripod incomparable. This situation is shooting telephoto images, features and sports lens (especially on the significant shake lens) is particularly evident when, while the palm-sized camcorder tripod used with the camera tripod under normal circumstances can be GM, and professional video camera tripod than my camera tripod is really light, and to ensure the capture of high-quality images, the best way is to use a tripod.

Fourth, should pay attention to selecting a tripod camera tripod camera tripod with the difference between

Under normal circumstances, the camera tripod can stand with the palm-sized video cameras interoperable, so a lot of people shooting in the use of palm-sized, simply use the camera directly to a tripod. However, in practice, the palm-sized video camera and tripod general requirements of the selected camera, the focus is quite different. General camera tripod with the same composition to ensure that only required under the single or multiple consecutive images can image stabilization, so most people will agree that students are relatively sturdy tripod would be better, sometimes in order to increase stability, will deliberately hang package linked to a tripod, to reduce the impact of the wind. In contrast, the requirements of television cameras is a continuous stability, strong in the use of some of the more heavy camera tripod shooting sports lens, tripod base in the process of shaking may occur for position (to a certain position suddenly increased significantly negative forces), jumping and other phenomena, such as the use of this fixed-lens camera tripod shooting did not make any problems, but if it is taken to push, pull, shake, with sports such as lens, appeared for position, the shooting the image will obviously beat, affecting image quality. Therefore, in the purchase of palm-sized video camera tripod, should pay attention to the difference between buying the camera tripod, tripod seat in the upper and lower clear about whether they can maintain a balance shake, shake the damping is moderate, it is best to choose a level meter, and the negative tone Nico, of course, the price of the tripod tripod than the normal price higher than the length.

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