How To Use Hair Removal Creams

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There are several different methods to choose from for hair removal. The most common choices include shaving with a razor, depilating and epilating.

Epilating involves removing the root of the hair from under the skin. Pulling the hair out, such as with wax, or using a laser are common methods to achieve this. Depilating, on the other hand, removes hair from above the skin.

There are creams and lotions you can purchase for depilating. These products work by weakening the hair, which allows it to be easily broken and therefore, can be removed easily when wiped with a cloth.

Before using a hair removal cream, wash and exfoliate the area which hair is to be removed from. Exfoliating is a key factor in successful hair removal, as it gently scrubs away any dead skin cells and debris that may be on the skin. This allows for an even coverage of the depilatory cream and lessens the chance of some hair not being covered properly. This also prevents irritation from developing on your skin.

The hair removal lotion or cream should be applied and left to sit according to the directions. The standard time is ten to fifteen minutes. The lotion is then wiped away with a clean, damp cloth, in the opposite direction of the natural hair growth pattern. For example, on legs, you would start at the ankle and glide the cloth upwards to remove the lotion. Once lotion has been removed, rinse the area with warm water.

For best results, make sure the depilatory cream is designed for the body area you wish to use it on. The hair on the legs is coarser and thicker than facial hair, and will require a stronger formula. By the same measure, sensitive areas of the face may require a gentler lotion.

Depilatory creams should never be used on skin that is broken, has cuts, scrapes or any type of rash or skin irritation. If your skin is sensitive, choose a gentle formula designed for sensitive skin. Be sure to rinse away all the hair removal cream, and wait a couple hours before applying moisturizer to give your skin time to recover from the treatment.

Depilatory creams for hair removal have been around for several decades, and while they don't permanently remove hair, they can provide a few weeks of hair free skin, making them a popular choice.

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