How to use Conversational Hypnosis Techniques to get more sales

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Have you ever been talked by a salesman into believing that you absolutely will be a fool to not accept what they have to offer, that this offer is the best thing that ever happened to you? If so, your salesperson was using covert hypnosis techniques. Covert Hypnosis techniques are used by salesmen, politicians, parents, and common people everywhere to influence other people into thinking what they want them to think. We all do it to some extent, we call it being tactful. Covert hypnosis is the art of subtly communicating with someone's subconscious mind through gestures, words, facial expressions. Covert Hypnosis and conversational Hypnosis basically mean the same thing.

You can master covert hypnosis techniques with practice and patience. There are many online resources that teach this technique through CDs, books and videos.

Mastering the techniques is one thing, but a good hypnotist needs to have the following qualities
• He/she is pleasant, charismatic, and uses calming tones of voice.

• A good hypnotist is not pushy or bossy.
• He/she need to be relaxed in order for the other person to relax in your presence.
• A patient, calm demeanor.
• A desire to truly help others while also taking care of your goals.

Do you notice that these are the exact same qualities a good salesman needs to have too? A lot of times salesmen are so impatient, loud and pushy that people either shut themselves out and don't hear a thing they are told, or they are too intimidated to say anything and find any excuse they can find to escape.

When you master your covert hypnosis techniques and practice the qualities of a good hypnotist/salesman, you will automatically form a positive relationship with your prospective buyer. When they trust you and feel comfortable around you, they will be more open to thinking over the suggestions you have for them, and ultimately making you a sale. The advantage of building a good relationship with your customers is that they will come back to you when they are ready to make another purchase, or they will refer you to their friends, bringing you more sales.

Wheather you are in real estate, car sales or any other sales, you need to move on from the old school ‘scripts' and overused ‘pitches'. You need to learn how to get into someone's mind and gain their confidence by making sure you keep in mind their needs. You will be really successful in the world of sales if you have a selfless and helpful demeanour. That is the best way I know to succeed in your sales career and your life.

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