How To Use A Reverse Email Search To Locate Someone

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Are you in a situation where you are desperately trying to locate someone. It could be an estranged lover, a run away teenager or even a dangerous bail jumper. But you need to find this person ASAP and you have tried every trick known to man. One thing you may not have considered is a reverse email search. This is where you investigate an email address to locate and or identify the person behind that email address.

An private investigator trained in email tracing can use an email address to locate someone. Don't be confused about this. many times when you read up about email tracing you'll get instructions on examining email headers and tracing an IP address back to an ISP.That would only return general information about where an email was sent from. That';s not going to help you locate someone from an email address.

Also don't try to use a free or instant data base search to reverse email search your email address. That may only return a recent or past address or even fake information used when they opened up the email account. What you want is a reverse email search investigation. This kind of thorough investigation will not be free or instant but it will return information you can use to locate the person you're seeking.

Although this investigation will include an examination of available headers and even data base searches it will also include limited anonymous email contact with the suspect. This kind of contact is often described as pretexting. That's where you trick the subject of the investigation into revealing their location. A pretext can be as simple as asking where they are. But it can also be much more elaborate sting to pin point their exact location with the suspect realizing they're being traced.

If a subject is emailed and the email contains what's known as a web bug the sender can know general geographic information about the subject just by them opening the email. If they reply you'll get even more information. The investigator may also include a link inside the pretext email . Once the subject clicks on that link even more identifying information is revealed.

Remember a seasoned investigator has been locating and tracking people down long before email or the Internet came into popular usage. They have the skills to locate people with very little identifying information. si having contact information like an email address makes this kind of reverse email search investigation very easy.

The investigator may use a ruse of inserting personal contact information in the email. As the reader tries to check out that information they will find themselves falling into numerous traps that the investigator has set for them.


Ed Opperman is president of Opperman investigations. If you need a reverse email search to locate a con man, bail jumper, runaway or parental kidnapper please visit

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