How To Update Your Business FaceBook Page From Your Android Mobile Phone

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So, if you're like many users of an Android phone ("Droid") - I have a HTC EVO - you may have found it difficult to figure out how to update your business FaceBook page via any of the available FaceBook applications on your phone.

Many people resort to going to the web browser and taking the painstaking time to wait for new pages to load and slowly get to their business page to update it in their web browser on their mobile.

But... did you know there was an easier way?

It's so simple, you'll be shocked that you didn't do it sooner!

I'll walk you through step by step on how to make updating your FaceBook Fan Page when on the go easy and fast!

I recommend following these 'setup' steps while at your computer and then you will be free and easy on your Droid mobile device

  1. First, you will want to login to FaceBook just like you always do.

  2. Then, you will access your Fan Page by navigating on the left to your 'Pages' and then selecting the Fan Page you want to activate with your mobile device

  3. Once you are on your Fan Page, click 'edit page

  4. When you are in 'edit' mode on your Fan Page, you will have a navigation bar to your left. Click 'Mobile'

  5. You have some options and you can choose to setup one or more per your preference:

    • With Mobile Email - there is an email address listed with instructions to save it in your phone. With this unique email address you can simply update your Fan Page Status by sending an email to this address. The complete subject line is the post to your wall; if you want to upload an image you attach it to the email. The body of the email should be left blank (I have not tested this, but I would suggest deleting an automated signature if you use one on your phone, as the instructions indicate the body of the email should be blank)

    • With SMS Messaging - you can also setup SMS messaging and update your FaceBook Fan Page by SMS Text. To do this, you will select "sign up for SMS," select your carrier, send a text message with the letter 'F' to Facebook at 32665 (FBOOK) *note the instructions may be confusing regarding the SMS number to text to as it is listed with (FBOOK) after the number; all you need to send to is the number 32665; you will get a message back with a code; enter the code; and you're activated! One important thing to note regarding the SMS Messaging is that if you set this up for your personal page, too, updates/posts via SMS will duplicate on your personal and your Fan Page. To avoid this, use SMS for only either your Fan Page or your Personal page (do not set it up for both)

  6. Lastly, send a test via your mobile Android to your FaceBook Fan Page and see how it works!

  7. Have fun!

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