How to Unlock Your Motorola Cell Phone

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At times, when you purchase a Motorola cell phone from a service provider, the service provider locks your phone. This is because the service provider gets profits and you can't use the phone with any other provider. But there are ways that you can unlock your cell phone and subscribe to a service from any other operator. Cell phone unlocking is completely legal; and it is highly recommended that you try.

First up, please ensure that you are using a GSM phone. CDMA phones cannot be unlocked, and you are stuck with your operator if you use CDMA. Next, please check if your Motorola cell phone is actually locked. You can do this by inserting a new SIM card from a different operator. If you get a message saying Contact your service provider, Enter Unlock Code or Enter a Subsidy Password, then your phone is indeed locked. If not, then you can use any SIM card on it without a problem.

Please call your operator first. Sometimes operators do give out unlock codes free of charge. They will do this for you if you have been with them for a while. Also, they may ask you for a small fee for unlocking your phone.

If this option is not for you, then you have to find your IMEI number. This number should be found written close to where your SIM is inserted, under the back of your Motorola phone. Or just type #06# and it will be displayed on the screen. You can send this number to any of the various IMEI unlocking services online, and they will send you an unlocking code within a few days. This is an expensive option though.

Another option is to download software to unlock your cell phone. Unlocking your cell phone through software can be difficult, and is recommended for advanced user only. These softwares connect directly to your phone through a USB cable and run from your computer. You may have to backup all your data before you try this. Also, you need all the latest firmware installed on your phone. This firmware can be downloaded from Motorola's official website. The software does most of the work for you; just follow all the instructions and your phone will be unlocked. Cell phone unlocking through software is free, but there are some softwares that you may have to pay for. Also, some softwares generate the unlock code for you, and all you have to do is enter the unlock code and your cell phone will be unlocked.

If you have an unlock code, then power on the Motorola after inserting a new SIM. Enter the unlock code when prompted, and that's all. If you are running on a 3G network, first type **057* and then enter the unlock code and your 3G enabled cell phone will unlock.

Above all, you must be cautious when you try to unlock cell phones. If you exceed the maximum number of tries, your cell phone may stop functioning. But whatever you choose, unlocking a cell phone is a smart option.

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